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7 Alternatives to Medium

Essaybot is an advance AI writing tool to write faster, cheaper, and more personalized content on social media to gain insights, leads, and reach potential new customers.

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One way to start looking for a real estate agent is to try to recall the name of the real estate agent who sold you the home. Many real estate agents stay in touch with their clients after their cl...
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A blogging platform for film photographers 📷

Analog.Cafe is A blogging platform for film photographers.

It is an open-source, community blogging platform built around images and stories created with analogue cameras. Submissions are taken in through a first-class, offline-first Composer tool that lets authors participate in community collaborative pieces.

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Lobster Blog
Get to know Analog.Cafe - a project dreamt up by a community of writers, artists and film photographers to promote the creative and informative products of ambition, generosity and imagination. With the financial help and moral support of the fifty-one backers Analog.Cafe is an online magazine that publishes and promotes works by a growing community of write… See more
Hacker Noon
Learn how Dmitri used a Kickstarter campaign to validate and launch, a blogging platform for film photographers Dmitri Tcherbadji: My name is Dmitri, today I live in Vancouver. In the...
Studio C-41
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dmitrizzle is raising funds for Analog.Cafe: The REMARKABLE Film Photography Blog! on Kickstarter! The collaborative publication platform for the film/analog photography community.
Analog.Cafe is a film photography publication that features outstanding images and stories. Designed to entertain and inspire those who appreciate art.
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A simple blog-writing subscription for busy founders 📝⚡️

Scribble is a simple, no BS blog-writing subscription for startups, small businesses, and indie makers. Blogs are great growth tools, but they take a lot of time to maintain. Scribble solves that with a hands-off solution for busy founders.

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West Vesey
We're building 24 internet businesses in 12 months. In the past 8 months, we've launched 8. 4 of them have been profitable, producing >$50,000. If you do the math, we're running behind. We're 2/3 of the way through the year, and we've only launched 1/3 of the products we need to.
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