Alternative products to Median

7 alternative and related products to Median

View your users' screens from Intercom, LiveChat and more!

Median is the best way to see exactly what your customer is doing while chatting with them. It only takes one click and your customer doesn't need to install anything!

7 Alternatives to Median

A real-time whiteboard for your team. No signups required.

Witeboard lets you create quick sketches on desktop, tablet, or phone in a few minutes and collaborate with your team real-time.

Just go to, make a quick sketch, grab a share link and send it to your co-worker. You don't need to install anything nor create an account.

It's the fastest way to collaborate real-time with your team.

Edul Patel
Edul Patel- COO@Mudrex
I found this one really interesting. Don't know if this solves your purpose
John Xie
John Xie- Simplicity is the key to brilliance.
Witeboard works very well for quick and easy white boarding.
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Speed up support with interactive co-browsing for Intercom

SessionStack’s integration with Intercom allows you to start a co-browsing session with your customers with a click of a button from Intercom's live chat. View your customers' screen, remotely guide, or take full control. No downloads or installations required

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Intercom has made communication between your company and your customers incredibly frictionless. It doesn't matter if the customer wants to reach out to you or vice-versa, the communication is one click away. Companies use Intercom for various reasons such as acquiring and engaging leads but also supporting existing customers.
8 Alternatives to SessionStack for Intercom

The simplest screen sharing app for Android

- One click to start sharing your screen

- Doesn't need any development tools or USB cables for sharing the Android screen

- Share screen using a link (Just like Google Drive/Dropbox). No plugins/Software/Password required for viewer. Compatible with all modern browsers

- Completely safe! No special permissions are required.


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