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Own & monetize your memes, with the power of Blockchain & AI

MemesChain is a platform that helps you own and monetise 💰 your most creative memes, using the power of blockchain and AI.

💰 from your memes either by meme auction or ads. 💯

The single truth concept of the blockchain and the power of AI to detect same or similar memes, allows you to be extremely sure of your memes not being plagiarised. 🎉😻

Hacker Noon
Ethereum, one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies by volume and market capital is worth $900 now! Why does ETH actually has this value is most asked question and this article will explain you. Ethereum, as soon as I heard it - sounded like a radio active element.
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imwith (YC S17) gets what you mean (inc. complex sentences and slang), and offers you funny, relevant memes that convey your message while making it funnier without even trying. It bypasses the traditional process of having to think about / searching for the right memes by providing the best ones instantly to keep pace with the conversation.

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Memes Against Friends

A memes party game you play in iMessage

Memes Against Friends is a party game you play in iMessage where you compete with friends to create the greatest memes. The game is played by rounds with one player (the judge) choosing a photo to meme and everyone else submitting their wittiest captions for the photo. The judge then picks the winner and the next round starts with a new judge.

6 Alternatives to Memes Against Friends is an easy-to-use video editing app, which allows you to create hilarious, inspirational or marketing video memes in four simple steps: upload a video, clip the magical moment, choose a template, and add caption.

Hassan Ahmed- Founder of
Simple and easy to use app that allows you to create Video Memes in less than 1 minute. It is the Video Version of Canva. Some of the people that are currently making video memes are Gary Vee, UNILAD, The Sports Bible and 9GAG.
Hassan Ahmed- Founder of
If you have product demo videos and you want to just add text on the video, is a great tool.
Hassan Ahmed- Founder of
Easy to use iOS App that allows you create video memes similar to UNILAD, The ODDs Bible and GaryVee! As a maker, I am releasing an update next week that allows to use produce HD video memes that you can use for Facebook Ads and Pages! I hope this helps.
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AnushkFounder, Memeois | Georgia Tech - Search dank and funny memes
"Easy place to find a ton of funny memes also their domain is awesome."
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