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4 alternative and related products to Maven

Video platform powered by micro-payments
4 Alternatives to Maven

Video platform with peer-to-peer micropayments. No ads ever.

Portal is a new video sharing platform that skips the ad-model and introduces instant payments between users.

On Portal everyone can create their own mini-Netflix / HBO around the content they create, and watch the best user-generated videos unburdened by ads and algorithms.

No ads. Just people. The Internet, the way it’s supposed to be.

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Business Insider
On Tuesday, an ad-free video-streaming platform called Portal was launched, competing with the likes of YouTube and Vimeo. On Portal, creators are paid directly by viewers who like what they watch - ideally meaning creators have to hustle less for views and focus instead on building relationships with their audience.
Ads are bad for creators as well as viewers: That's the simple premise behind Portal, a new ad-free video service that launched to the public Tuesday. Backed by Mark Cuban and used by The Young Turks, Portal tries to establish itself as a kind of anti-YouTube that replaces advertising with donations and micro-payments.
5 Alternatives to Portal

Make money by beating other players in mobile games

Acention is a free-to-play gaming app where players make money by beating other players in multiplayer games. Kind of like HQ Trivia for gamers. Players start with one penny and work their balance upwards by beating other players in games and daily live tournaments. Users can cash out at any time and receive their balance via Paypal.

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The Wharton School
Play Games, Win Money What if you could play a game on your phone and earn money at the same time? It sounds too good to be true, but it's the premise behind Acention, founded by Colin Robinson, WG'18, Anvith Ekkati, GEN'18, and Peter Zhu, WG'18.
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