Alternative products to MATRIX Creator

7 alternative and related products to MATRIX Creator

MATRIX Creator

Raspberry Pi Dev Board w/ 8 Mics, FPGA, MC, IMU, + more

7 Alternatives to MATRIX Creator

Raspberry Pi tablet for your creative projects

The tablet is simple and compacted with all the accessories you need, so you can start programming and making anywhere. SunFounder have many intuitive instruction books to guide beginners as well.

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Make your own Smartphone

Kite is a DIY kit of electronic components. You can now build a smartphone with your own hands! A KitePhone (i.e. a phone built with Kite) is a powerful Android smartphone that offers a surreal Android experience. It is not a fixed phone - it's configurable in every way. The "case" is 3D printed. And you can change anything.. your lifestyle too!

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Bringing the power of modern AI to millions of devices

NVIDIA Jetson Nano enables the development of millions of new small, low-power AI systems. It opens new worlds of embedded IoT applications, including entry-level Network Video Recorders, home robots, and intelligent gateways with full analytics capabilities.

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Nvidia has launched the Jetson Nano: a new AI computer for developers, researchers, and makers. A devkit starts at just $99, while the production-ready version goes for $129. It's extra competition for Intel's Neural Compute Stick and Google's Coral-brand devkits and AI accelerators.
7 Alternatives to NVIDIA Jetson Nano

PiTanq is a robot-tank to learn artificial intelligence.

PiTanq is a robot-tank built with open hardware and software. It is powered by Raspberry Pi and comes AI ready - with OpenCV and Tensorflow. Could be an educational/hobby toy to learn self-driving. The tank run Linux (Raspbian) and a open source python service to control everything onboard. There is an Android application to drive it manually.

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This project was inspired by a spirit of self-driving cars. I like to construct small cars from Arduino kits, but now decided to make something more than just a toy. One day I found a tank chassis made from glossy aluminum. Self-driving tank sounds even better than car, so that was an inception.
I always liked to construct small car kits. Later I liked to assemble robot kits with Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Finally, I felt stuck in the guidelines and wanted to make something beyond that. One day I explored robotic parts and encountered a tank chassis made from glossy aluminum.
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A step-by-step guide how to create a simple OS from scratch.

Raspberry Pi OS is a step-by-step guide that teaches how to create a simple operating system from scratch. The OS source code is largely based on Linux kernel, but it has very limited functionality and supports only Raspberry PI 3. The main goal is not only to teach OS development, but also to use the project as a starting point to learn Linux.

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