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3 alternative and related products to Matomo

Canecto 2.0

Get an AI assistant to do your web analytics

We have just released the new version of Canecto for people who do not want to:

Try to lean the complexity of web analytics

Guess on what to improve on their site

Spend time on the analytical process

You get out-of-the-box insights and recommendations into core website management areas

Site traffic

User Journeys

Content Quality

User interest

Fast Company
Those worried that the rise of artificial intelligence means that r obots will take their job might feel comforted by the fact that many AI tools are actually being designed not to replace humans, but to help them do their jobs better.
8 Alternatives to Canecto 2.0

What are some good, lightweight, open-source alternatives to Google Analytics?

Seb Dancer-MichelCreative developer Intern @ Your Majesty
Fathom Analytics - Simple, trustworthy website analytics (finally)
"Just a few months old, looks promising. Rather simple one."
Matomo - Open Analytics Platform
"Deserves to be mentioned as it's around for quite a while. It was recently renamed from Piwik. Not sure about performance side but don't kn… See more

What are alternatives to Google Analytics?

Sam AndersonDesigning XD with XD @ Adobe
Heap - Capture everything and measure instantly.
"I've seen others speak highly of this one. Will be trying it out."
Matomo - Open Analytics Platform
"Have used it in the past. Works very nicely."

What's the best product analytics tool?

Cody HalffCEO @ThePersonalCRM
Heap - Capture everything and measure instantly.
"I can also recommend this tool. Easy to setup (don't need to have advanced JS knowledge), easy to build/visualize funnels and segments."
Countly Analytics - Open source, enterprise mobile & web analytics platform
"Maybe try Countly that allows your platform to use the data and apply it where necessary in addition to a clean way to present your analyti… See more
Matomo - Open Analytics Platform
"Despite of imperfect UI design this tool will give you all important data about your website."

What is the best user analytics tool for websites?

Bill StathopoulosGrowth & Inbound Marketer at GrowthRocks
HotJar Insights - See how visitors are really using your website.
"Hotjar could be very useful. It allows you to see exactly how users interact with your website via heat maps, scroll maps, polls, visitor r… See more
Heap - Capture everything and measure instantly.
"Heap Analytics could be just what you're looking for."
GoSquared People Analytics - One place to understand your users
"Hopefully this hits the spot for you, Vassilis. I'm one of the founders of GoSquared, but I genuinely think our People product should come … See more
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