Alternative products to Mastly - Equity as a Service

7 alternative and related products to Mastly - Equity as a Service

Mastly - Equity as a Service

Motivate your team with company ownership

We offer a one-size-fits-most framework to organize a team, increase the runway by offering equity instead of cash, and distribute that equity, all for a low monthly fee. A key element of our core product is that equity can be dynamic: we adjust a specific performance-based equity pool according to the productivity inputs of each team member.

7 Alternatives to Mastly - Equity as a Service

The fast, easy way to get a 409A valuation.

The Fast409A process blends the best of software and human expertise. Each valuation takes an hour or less of your time to submit, is delivered in days not weeks, and is customized to the nuances of your individual startup.

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Do you need a 409A valuation? If your company is less than a year old, if the value of your business has not increased significantly over the last year or if you are not planning to issue new employees stock options, you can skip this post and go back to growing your business.
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Startups face a fundamental problem that sometimes precedes product development, determining product-market fit, and even fundraising: how the heck do you properly incentivize people? Answer? Equity. Absent the ability to pay employees more than the minimum amount they need to live, you'll need to offer equity compensation to both hire and retain anyone that… See more
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A curated list of equity free funding options for startups

Equity Free Funding Stash is a curated list of equity free funding options available across the world to help your startup grow and succeed. The platform lists information about different equity free funding programs, interviews of entrepreneurs who attended these programs, and a weekly newsletter with information about application open dates.

6 Alternatives to Equity Free Funding Stash

Cap table management software and 409A valuations

Carta makes it simple for companies of all stages to turn employees into owners. As an SEC-registered transfer agent, we help companies issue, value, and transfer securities. Our powerful reporting and administrative tools keep you in compliance with the latest SEC and IRS regulations.

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