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Mapstr alternatives and competitors

Mapstr lets you keep track of all your favorite places around the world, tag them, and share them with who you want!

To remember your best spots (restaurants, bars, museums...), your friends recommendations, and to plan your next trip, download Mapstr and build the map of YOUR world!

Top alternatives for Mapstr

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  • Sygic Maps

    Sygic Maps displays places of interest directly on the map. Thanks to its integrated itinerary maker, you can build a day-by-day trip plan or just save interesting places for later. The website also features a travel guide for more than 10,000 destinations, photo galleries, 360° videos, hotel search, recommended tours and web route planner.

    Just yesterday I was looking for a new maps alternative to try and break away from Google. I stumbled upon Sygic but didn't give it a fair s…

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  • Submarine Cable Map

    Shows all underwater cables and who owns them
  • Maplist Beta

    Community-created maps in one place.

    I have always wanted an app where I can find cool local locations for photography, food or drinks. I just found a map of bars in amsterdam a…

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  • Google Live View

    With a beta feature called Live View, you can use augmented reality (AR) to better see which way to walk. Arrows and directions are placed in the real world to guide your way.
  • Conquer.Earth

    Share a map marked with every place you've ever visited
  • BobbyPin

    Keep track of your favorite spots & share them with friends
  • Topic Graphs by SenseiHub

    We created topic graphs over the last month to solve a problem for ourselves. Like Google Trends, ​it shows you the top issues being discussed from hundreds of news or scholarly articles in your topic of interest. Unlike Google Trends, ​it shows you data when ​you dig deeper. It also updates you only when a better article is published.

  • SALT

    The simple, beautiful way to bookmark and share great places
  • mymap.world

    mymap.world is a website for travelers. Easily list the countries you visited and generate a world map and statistics.

    I travel a lot so I love this kind of products and I created an account in a heartbeat.

    It's nice but I would improve the way you add countri…

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  • Mapify

    5.0★1 review
    Free options
    Mapify is an end-to-end platform to handle and process geospatial data and generate real-time and at-scale insights.
  • Google Maps Extractor

    If you want to scrape real traffic data from Google Maps, Google Maps Contact Extractor is the perfect web data extraction tool. Moreover, it can export your files to CVS, Excel and Text formats and supports anonymous data collection due to its proxy server.
  • Pyfl

    Get trustworthy place recommendations from your friends
  • appeared 2.0

    Track all the travel destinations you've ever been
  • Gabbermap

    Uncover conversations and cool stuff on a map
  • Aether App

    Share travel plans and always know where your friends are
  • Where/When

    This app lets you make geographic notes in your calendar whenever you're at a place you don't want to forget.
  • Brightr

    Travel is a visual and visceral experience. We tap into the heart of travel by highlighting the amazing experiences that are at a traveler's fingertips. Emoji provide a level of inspiration that pins, numbers and random lists never create.
  • Take the dog

    A cool tool for adding and finding dog friendly places across the UK. Search based on your location and find dog friendly cafes and restaurents

    One of my friend tell me about them i will also recommend to my friends