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Makers by Product Hunt alternatives and competitors

7 reviews

Makers is a place for makers to share and help each other achieve their goals. Join us. :)

Top alternatives for Makers by Product Hunt

The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • Indie Hackers Community

    We're a few thousand founders and developers helping each other start profitable online businesses. The community is a friendly place to come share our experiences and projects, get valuable feedback, swap tips, and lean on each other for support.

    Courtland is as thoughtful as they come. can't say enough great things about the community he has built and continues to foster.

  • Work in Progress

    Work in Progress is a community of makers. We help each other stay accountable and focussed on building, shipping, and growing our products.

    We publicly share our todos, celebrate our successes, discuss our failures, track our goals, and provide each other with actionable feedback.

    Don't ship by yourself, ship together!

    I've been recommending WIP to friends for months now! Come for the accountability, stay for the music! WIP just continues to deliver. It's a…

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  • Startup School 2019

    6 reviews
    Join a network of over 15,000 founders across 140 countries and gain access to the Startup School founder forum. Get feedback, support and help from the community. Selected companies who complete the course will also receive $15K.
  • Makerlog

    Makerlog is the task log that keeps you making.

    Share what you're working on, earn streaks, and become more productive.

    I love everything about Makerlog, and have made it a part of my daily grind.

  • Makerlog 2.0

    Makerlog is a community of 1k+ makers shipping products together and keeping each other accountable. 💪

    I have been using Makerlog since launch as my daily driver to be more productive and ship some of my side projects. Being able to build in p…

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  • Weekend Club

    We're the #1 weekend co-working club for bootstrappers to stay motivated, get helpful feedback and ship your project faster. Live sessions Saturdays 10am-5pm GMT & US Central time with a dedicated host, run over Slack & Zoom. Plus 100+ software discounts. 🤯
  • Makerlog Menubar

    3 reviews

    Makerlog Menubar is a super fast way to log your tasks to Makerlog, right from your menubar 🔥

    Love the ease of use, saves time opening the website. Love the addition of the hotkey. Does not have settings tho, can't shutdown the app.

  • Pioneer

    4 reviews

    Apply to Pioneer with any type of project you need help with. It could be a company, physics research or art. Play the tournament. Become a Pioneer.

    Pioneers receive a $5,000 investment with an option for a $20,000 follow-on, a ticket to San Francisco and much more.

    Hugely appreciative of Pioneer for the sense of urgency it created for me last month. I highly recommend you to participate in the next coho…

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  • Maker of the Week

    Maker of the Week awards small cash grants to makers with the most popular products and ideas 🏆

  • CreatorSpot

    1 review
    A daily curation of inspiring and upcoming creators that you would not find otherwise.
  • Apple Developer

    1 review
    Welcome to Apple Developer: the primary destination for Apple developers and designers. Apple Developer is your source for developer news, educational content, the WWDC experience, and more, so you can stay up to date on the latest information.
  • RemoteStandups

    RemoteStandups is a web app that allows you to connect with other people and organise standup meetings together. If you ever felt unproductive as a solo worker, now it's the time to schedule some standup meetings!

  • Percent

    1 review
    Stop reliving the same day over and over – start tracking and improving your life by checking in with yourself once a week.

    Cute illustrations

  • AskMakers 2.0

    1 review
    AskMakers is the community to ask and answer the question about bootstrapping, making apps, and so on.
    It's still a small community but they are all the passionate makers and there are some successful makers.
    Let's help each other and build better products🤞
  • ProductFlair

    2 reviews
    Learn from the best of the best. Discover more than 194+ hand-curated Product Hunt launch examples categorized into images, product videos, thumbnails and first comments. Get ideas and inspiration for your next launch 🚀
  • Synergy4SaaS

    6 reviews
    Synergy4SaaS is a co-marketing platform for SaaS founders and marketers looking to grow their business through marketing and content partnerships, from guest blog exchanges to podcast and webinar collaborations.
  • Black Swans Community

    1 review

    Black Swans is a vibrant 🔥 community of statisticians who help each other with problems and collaborate on projects. 😎

    Been on the forum for a week and it's great! Interesting conversations between stat heads!

  • Showwcase

    1 review
    Showwcase is a social network built and optimised for developers. Developers can connect, share their knowledge and showcase their projects with like-minded individuals. For developer content creators, you can make money via paid subscribers.
  • Mastermind

    1 review
    Mastermind is an app helps you build habits by leveraging the same addictive powers of social media. More than an app - it is a place on the internet for communities to do any habit together.
  • Maker Badge

    🛠Maker Badge is an embeddable JS widget inspired by many Indie Hacker side projects. It helps promote your work as a maker.