Alternative products to Makerlog 2.0

14 alternative and related products to Makerlog 2.0

Makerlog 2.0
Ship products together and stay accountable

Makerlog is a community of 1k+ makers shipping products together and keeping each other accountable. 💪

14 Alternatives to Makerlog 2.0

A community of makers shipping together 🚧

Work in Progress is a community of makers. We help each other stay accountable and focussed on building, shipping, and growing our products.

We publicly share our todos, celebrate our successes, discuss our failures, track our goals, and provide each other with actionable feedback.

Don't ship by yourself, ship together!

Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen
Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen- Entrepreneur
There is only one WIP - excellent community with awesome feedback. This is my No.1 recommendation to test ideas quickly.
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Product Hunt
Products made by members of the WIP community at Discover 46 curated products like Nomad List 3.0 and PixelSnap about WIP by Marc-Antoine
About a year ago, I met @andreyazimov in Dojo, a coworking space in Bali. He wanted to make web products like me too. So I gave him some tips some time. I started a Telegram chat group with him and my brother, who was also learning web dev.
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A place for Makers to share, connect, and reach their goals

Makers is a place for makers to share and help each other achieve their goals. Join us. :)

Nikolay Siabrenko
Nikolay Siabrenko- Web developer, Maker of
You can create public goals which you should complete because all already see it :)
devarsh ruparelia
devarsh ruparelia- student
It is supposed to be for Makers but if most of your to-do needs can be shared this is the perfect tool. Also, they have no subscription model as of now. Its a brilliant to-do tool disguised as a community for DIYers and Makers.
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We're pulling back the curtains our latest project, a place for makers to share and help each other achieve their goals. Product Hunt started nearly 5 years ago (wow!). Every day since then I wake up early in the morning to explore the homepage, often inspired and entertained by what I find.
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A place where makers & geeks share there daily hacks

Welcome to Daily Hack! 👋🏽
👨🏻‍💻A place where Makers & Geeks share their daily hack in the community!
🚀It's a place where people share there daily hacks they use in their developments.
So, Do you have any hack? 💡

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Today I finished the development of my 3rd project of this year that is See more
⚒️ Introducing by @DailyHackNotes 👨‍💻 Made by Makers 🇮🇳 @mddanishyusuf & 🇸🇬 @fajarsiddiqFS 💻 Made possible with @github 😻 Featured on @ProductHunt 👉 See more
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Keep track of your tasks right from your Google Assistant!

Keep track of your tasks right from your Google Assistant, whether your in the living room, in the kitchen, on your phone or in your car - no installation is needed.

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Arturs D.
So, who is Mr. Makerlog, and why should I care? Well, for starters, you'll need to know about Makerlog. Makerlog is an online platform for logging tasks to better manage your time, and it's brought in thousands of users in since it's launch on Product Hunt.
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Manage your goals from your desktop and support other makers

With the help of Maker Goals Menubar, you can easily manage your goals on Product Hunt from the menubar of your Mac, from your Windows or Linux desktop.

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Feri Forgacs
tl;dr I decided to participate in the Product Hunt Makers Festival ended up building my first desktop app had to learn the basics of Electron, Node.js, Express, React, GraphQL, Apollo to accomplish my goal spent a ton of time by watching and reading tutorials just to make the basic authentication process work had dreams about the issues I struggled with fini… See more
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Your friendly focus assistant

Tabby is a focus assistant that makes sure that you never forget what matters the most for your business.

Once you add goals to Tability, Tabby will do the following:

* Send reminders to goal owners and ask you to share updates

* Suggest actions depending on context

* Clean up the things that you don't care about anymore

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