Alternative products to Mailshake

10 alternative and related products to Mailshake

A simple and easy to use solution for cold emails

Mailshake is an easy to use and low cost solution to send outreach emails for sales prospecting, link building, securing guest post and building relationships.

10 Alternatives to Mailshake

Send emails that get replies 💌

lemlist 2.0 is the first email automation platform that allows you to send automatically cold emails that get more replies thanks to personalized images and videos.

Angelo Sorbello
Angelo Sorbello- Entrepreneur & Growth Marketer
Sending emails that stand out
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lemlist - Blog
Bonjour lemlisters!Here comes the eleventh edition of our weekly inspirational email template with personalized images!When it comes building relationships using emails, people tend to fail and start talking about their service
lemlist - Blog
Bonjour lemlisters! Here comes the fourth edition of our weekly inspirational email template with personalized images! You can also find a quick video tutorial below... 👇 Remember, personalization isn't just writing your prospect's name. It's figuring out the right person to contact and then sending the right email to get their attention.
Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
Last week, I went to SaaStr Europa in Paris. For those who don't know about SaaStr, it's THE best event for B2B Software companies. Since it was the very first time that SaaStr was doing an event in Paris, my beloved hometown, I decided to volunteer to help organize the event so Paris could give the best welcome possible 🇫🇷 🥖 Well ok, I'm not being entire… See more
lemlist - Blog
Zendesk is a customer service software company headquartered in San Francisco that has 119,000 paying customers in 150 countries (data from 2017).While being THE fastest growing customer support company, Zendesk is forced to always find innovative ways to acquire more customers and build warmer relationships with its customers.
6 Alternatives to lemlist 2.0

Send cold emails that feel warm

Masha Sharma
Masha Sharma- Cofounder/CTO at RealAtom
Makes cold emails so much easier! Given a good list , good subject lines and relevant content expect your personalized emails to get you response rates way about 10%
Shivek Khurana
Shivek Khurana- Storyteller - Wanderer
Helps you reach out at scale.
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It costs between $25,000 - $50,000 a year to hire a sales and development rep to set appointments through emails. It takes about 5 hours per day to send highly tailored emails manually to a full sales pipeline of 300 - 500 leads.
5 Alternatives to Reply

Automated lead generation and cold emailing ✉️ 🤖

MailMaster is an automated web-based application that handles business-to-business lead generation and cold emailing. When the addition of a single new client can mean thousands of dollars a month, extended outreach is invaluable. Can you afford not to get MailMaster?

9 Alternatives to MailMaster

Email marketing for Freelancers & Small Business

Many E Mail marketing applications out there like mailchimp, awber, getresponce? Just Compare with our prices and Features. You will get know, which one is Better. It's best Email Marketing for Freelancers & Small Business. We are Providing 50% less price tool for Amazon SES integration . You will save 70% on email marketing budgets.

varjuntej- Marketer
You can send 1-2 million emails at low cost using bullmailer + amazon ses. It cost 99$ at amazon ses for 1m emails. Cheap and best service by amazon. We will help with email marketing software to send emails from amazon ses. We have list building, drag and drop builder, email automation and many more features at bullmailer.
varjuntej- Marketer
Hey Muneed, Try bullmailer, It has many features like email automation, landing pages, lead forms, campaign setups and much more. It's best when compare to pricing with mailchimp. It's has amazon aes integration packages. also. Try it once.
varjuntej- Marketer
Try Bullmailer, It has email automation features , segmentation, triggers , workflows. you can send email according your segmentation. This is application is cost affordable for small business.
10 Alternatives to BullMailer
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