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MailMentor alternatives and competitors

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A data driven approach to writing better email

Top alternatives for MailMentor

Automate your SOC 2, HIPAA, & ISO 27001 compliance
  • Writefull

    A tiny tool to help you write better
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  • Grammarly

    16 reviews

    Grammarly solves all of your typo problems in a second.

    It has saved me on multiple occasions from making a fool of myself.

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  • Hemingway

    Hemingway makes your writing bold and clear.
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  • Typely

    Typely is a sensitive, unobtrusive and reliable tool for any writer, newspaper editor, teacher, blogger or student. At its core, a linter for text, a computer program that, like a spell checker, scans through a document and analyzes it.

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  • Drift Sequences

    6 reviews

    Drift Introduces Sequences: Email That Helps Customers Buy

    Drift Sequences allow us to automate the easiest step to forget: the follow-up.

    We’re able to retarget people who abandon account creation an…

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  • Cold Email Rating by Datananas

    Cold Email Rating helps you write better cold emails by analyzing the content of your emails and giving you recommendations

    This product is now integrated directly into Datananas Outbound !

  • CoverletterIO

    2 reviews

    An AI-powered, personalized coverletter coach that gives you actionable suggestions and advice on how to improve your writing to get you the job you've always wanted.

    A fantastic project. Great use of NLP techniques! I guess, this may be a good starting point for a larger project.

  • Lola AI

    Meet Lola AI, your new smart writing assistant that transforms bullet-points into clear, complete and compelling emails!
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  • Prolifiko

    4 reviews

    Prolifiko is a digital productivity coach for writing. We built it for people who want to write but can’t find the time or struggle with procrastination and overwhelm. Based in neuroscience, Prolifiko makes your writing goal faster and easier to achieve by breaking it down into small steps and by helping you reflect and learn about your practice.

    This is such a good idea: the right blend of automation and human support, and uses all the tricks my Apple Watch uses to get me moving more…

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  • AI Cover Letter

    4 reviews
    The fastest way to make a tailored cover letter. Create a resume, target a job description, and instantly generate a matching cover letter.
  • MergeKnob

    Free options
    MergeKnob is a Google workplace add-on to generate customized emails from user provided templates and send the email to the audience in batch easily.
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