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6 alternative and related products to Mailjoy Letters

Mailjoy Letters
Send personalized direct mail letter campaigns
Mailjoy is a DIY direct mail app that makes direct mail as easy and personalized as email marketing. Now you can use it for both postcard and letter campaigns!
6 Alternatives to Mailjoy Letters

Write an entire letter in less than a minute!

Never struggle with lack of ideas writting love, confess, resign your job... letters again!

Have some fun quickly knocking up letters for a range of different situations including the domestic, romantic, professional and political. Input the particulars of your situation and they'll save you time by returning a full letter addressing your needs.

11 Alternatives to Letter Generator

Andreea Nastase
Andreea Nastase- Product Manager at Rainforest QA
If you really want super simple and stripped back, think no further than TinyLetter. It's like Simplenote, but for newsletters. I know people who have successfully built link-based newsletters on this.
Sebastian Alberione
Sebastian Alberione
By Mailchimp. But simpler. Love the clean and simple design.
3 Alternatives to TinyLetter

Write a love letter on the blockchain

How to use:
Install MetaMask
From the dropdown on top after installing, choose "Rinkeby Test Network" instead of "Main Ethereum Network".
Get some test ether from here
Go and write some and share the letter link!

5 Alternatives to loveletter
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