Alternative products to MailChimp Product Recommendations

14 alternative and related products to MailChimp Product Recommendations

MailChimp Product Recommendations
Easily build automated personalized email marketing
14 Alternatives to MailChimp Product Recommendations

Increase newsletter open rate with artificial intelligence.

Liza Karkade
Liza Karkade
We use it for email marketing and web pushes mostly. The best thing is that it's quite functional with minimum restrictions even for free mode, and web pushes are totally free. Simple to use, SMTP server and API, bulk SMS - I haven't tried it yet though. And it's good for businesses with small email lists - less than 2 500 subscribers - and you can have 15 0… See more
Large free account, fast tech support, SMS and Webpush as well
Nguyen Van Nam
Nguyen Van Nam- Mình là Nam. Tài xế taxi tại TaxiGroup
Use a simple, free account
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Explore the software, services, and tools that SendPulse uses in their stack, including products for Marketing, Sales and BD, Customer Support and Success, and Developer.
7 Alternatives to SendPulse

Elevatr offers busy startup founders a fast and easy way to communicate with their audience through simple email marketing campaigns and marketing automation.

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I am writing this on December, 13, 2017, one day before Elevatr launches on Product Hunt and I feel the pressure of my long lists of tasks for today. If you are a founder or worked in a startup you...
22 Alternatives to Elevatr Email Marketing Automation

Boost eComm sales with interactive product recommendations

Outgrow eCommerce meets your customers halfway with interactive, personalised, and user-friendly recommendation tools. We do justice not only to your customers' unique needs, but also to the complexity of your products. So if you want to make a unique shopping experience, have a higher AOV, & eliminate abandoned carts, why not give Outgrow a shot?

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If your ecommerce sales are in a slump, you are not alone. It happens to even the best of brands. Yet, there are a few of them that have cracked the code and are celebrating their conversion rate spikes. Yes, they have been able to achieve those magical ecommerce conversions and sales through product recommendation quizzes.
They don't call it the ultimate checklist for no reason.Yes! This lineup takes you through the minutest of details of ecommerce conversions. Simply tick 'em all off and you're sorted! We promise you, this list on ecommerce conversiON is OFF the hook!
Do you remember the last time you ordered something off Amazon? Oh wait, wasn't that just half a month ago? Riding on a $800 billion net worth and 300 million users, the Amazon empire is headed for an upward growth. The man behind this ecommerce giant is nothing short of a miracle man.
From finding the right product to converting your shoppers into paying customers - the world of ecommerce is no cake walk. What you need is a wholesome diet to feed your hunger for useful ecommerce information. And that's why we have decided to take you out for a date!
First things first. You know what drove us to write about e-commerce conversion failures (aka this blog)? Bella, our super adorable resident cat. It so happened that we ran out of her favorite food, which obviously made her angry! To calm things down and for the sake of convenience, we reached on a consensus and ordered cat food online.
Easily create interactive experiences that increase conversion and bring traffic.
G2 Crowd
"New York City: the center of the universe," sings Angel in the hit broadway musical, "RENT." And cliche as that statement can be, it has merit. New York City has long served as the United States ' starting point for trends and innovations.
65% of businesses say that generating traffic and leads is their biggest marketing challenge. With this ebook, we aim to help you face this challenge head on. Gear up as we bring you 25 innovative list building strategies for ecommerce that'll helps your leads grow and your business soar!
4 Alternatives to Outgrow eCommerce

Marketing automation with your whole team on the same page

The only marketing automation software that brings your whole team together with a Google Docs-like experience. Collaborate, brainstorm, design, annotate, and implement the ultimate customer journey from anywhere in the world.

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Autopilot, the marketing automation software company, announced the launch of a world-first collaboration feature, Annotate and Collaborate. The feature enables marketing teams to collaborate just as they would in Google Docs to design multi-channel customer journeys. Annotate and Collaborate provides additional functionality to Autopilot's visual canvas.
Startup Daily
The tool looks to bring the Google Documents experience to Autopilot, allowing teams to work on customer journeys together by leaving feedback on each step through the use of annotations, text, stickers, and images. According to Autopilot cofounder and CEO Michael Sharkey, Annotate and Collaborate is expanding on the company's original vision, to recreate th… See more
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Marketing automation provider Autopilot today launched Annotate and Collaborate, a new tool that enables marketers to visualize and collaborate on customer journeys in real time. Available to Autopilot customers at no additional cost, it aims to provide "a visual whiteboard" on which marketers can work together more easily.
MarTech Today
Since customers' choices are the key dynamic in modern marketing, the customer journey map has become the central strategic and management document. It depicts the marketing exposures and decisions for a given kind of customer and is used to plot alternatives, responses and followup pitches.
3 Alternatives to Autopilot Annotate & Collaborate
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