Alternative products to Mail Pilot

5 alternative and related products to Mail Pilot

Mail Pilot
Beautiful task oriented email client for Mac, iPhone, & iPad
5 Alternatives to Mail Pilot

Canary Mail is the mail app you need, security and features in one, wrapped up and delivered to you! There is a lot more you can do with it - everything is systematized, organized and with an easy User Experience!

Kesava Mandiga
Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
Another email client for Mac. I love its design.
John Ford
John Ford- @eyupitsjohn
A quick, reliable email that's constantly improving.
Artem Medvedev
Artem Medvedev
Easy, elegant email for Mac
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New email app makes cutting-edge email encryption as easy and hassle-free as modern chat apps, such as WhatsApp while maintaining beautiful design SAN FRANCISCO, CA (PRWEB) October 03, 2017 Canary Mail, the secure email app for Mac, iPhone and iPad, today launched out of beta with 40,000 users, funding from a Fortune 500 organization, and amazing reviews (av… See more
16 Alternatives to Canary Mail

Turn your Gmail & Outlook into Trello-like task lists 💌

Flow-e treats your emails as tasks without leaving your Gmail/Office365 inbox. Flow-e is just a visualization of your inbox; we don't store your data. The best part? Whatever you change in Flow-e, changes in your email too.

Use the 'Learn More' link for an extended trial.

Dimitar Karaivanov
Dimitar Karaivanov
The ultimate app for Zero Inbox and Kanban, combined with To Do and calendar. I'm literally addicted to it...
Dimo Barev
The app we all need for fighting our email nightmares
Mila Chervenkova💪
Mila Chervenkova💪- Test More Than I Consume 🔥🔥🔥
Without a Kanban board and Kanban cards my email inbox wouldn’t last I came across a Kanban tool with superpowers bigger than the moon. I logged in with G(mail) then tried with O(office365) the only email Kanban tool that will let you do so With an interface like gold and Flow like a sublime soul you move your cards so easily from left to your right wor… See more
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How did you get the idea to build FLOW-e? Late last year, while the Kanbanize team was going through a period of growth with our first product ( check it out here), our CEO, Dimitar Karaivanov noticed that every task chronicled on our visual team Kanban boards was being tracked while actionable e-mail communication was often slipping through the cracks.
6 Alternatives to Flow-e

Task management inside Gmail

Raj Esh
Raj Esh- Accountant
Works flawless , and possibly the only app that works with delegated gmail accounts.
I'm getting in love :-) None of the task apps that I tested previously was like this one
Stowe Boyd
Stowe Boyd- futurist, researcher, imperfectionist
Work management within Gmail
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