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Magic Bookmarklet
Turn web pages into structured data tables with one-click
5 Alternatives to Magic Bookmarklet

Scrape the web, sans manual scripting is a data extractor that requires no coding. In only a few clicks a website is transformed into a machine-readable data a.k.a. Web scraping. Get the information you need - comparison between the web pages, monitoring or just point and click for data extraction.

Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
You can use for this! It's fairly flexible and allows you to go as far as creating an API via web scraped content.
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes- Bebo
It's not perfectly intuitive but it's always my go-to for scraping when I don't/can't write a script.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
Import is slick. Use its WYSWYG editor to select elements of the page/site you want to track and it'll turn it into an API you can use elsewhere.
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Crawl and visualize your website structure

Sitebulb is a website crawler for Windows and Mac that actually audits your site for you, presenting comprehensive lists of prioritised, context-specific hints that bubble up important issues. Sitebulb's intuitive visualizations help you understand deep-rooted issues and better communicate complex ideas with your clients or colleagues.

Tom Blackshire 🤦‍♂️
Tom Blackshire 🤦‍♂️
It's awesome.
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When you open Sitebulb for the first time, you know exactly what this little tool is here to do. Report names like: "Site Speed", "Mobile Rendering" and "Indexation Status by Depth" really stand out, as do the example charts in the sample report.
SEO Brothers
Auditing websites is something we take very seriously here at SEO Brothers. It needs to happen in order to put together the best possible plan of attack for any client. Because of this, it's something that is done not only at the beginning of a new project, but also prior to putting together a proposal...
When I heard the news about a new auditing tool coming onto the SEO market in Sitebulb, I'll be honest enough to say that I didn't think I really needed one. I've been using Screaming Frog for what feels like forever, and I'm in love with the way DeepCrawl makes my life easy for regular weekly checks on my clients health.
If you're in SEO or a related field you've probably got Screaming Frog at your disposal - maybe a cloud based crawler like DeepCrawl too. Well there's a new kid on the block. He's installable, a little cocky and not afraid of a swear word or two...
SEO, Analítica, UX y CRO
En este artículo vamos a ver cómo se analiza una web con Sitebulb, un crawler que acaba de salir al mercado después de una fase beta en la que hemos podido echar un vistazo a este magnifico software. ¿Qué es un crawler y en qué puede ayudarte?
MJ Cachón SEO
De los creadores de URLProfiler, llega a nuestras vidas SEO otro software que dará mucho que hablar, se trata del crawler de escritorio SiteBulb (revisada la versión 1.0.11) En su web, enumera lo que para mi ya es una gran declaración de intenciones: Performance: auditoría de rendimiento y velocidad de carga, tanto desktop como mobile, con métri… See more
Sitebulb ( Disclosure - I am an affiliate and I would make money from clicking on some links on this page) is a new website crawler and site auditor from the folks that give us URLProfiler (which I like a lot, hence why I am an affiliate of SiteBulb.
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