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Machine Learnings

Understand how A.I. will change your future.

7 alternative and related products to Machine Learnings


Curated Machine Learning models to ⚡supercharge⚡your product

ModelDepot is aiming to make advancements in machine learning more accessible to engineers.

Effortlessly find and use curated pre-trained models to build better products that are augmented by cutting edge strides in the field.

In traditional supervised machine learning, we teach a model to become more successful and efficient at a task, by providing it with example data. Generally, once the model begins to perform well on the training data for the domain or problem it is tasked with, we expect a reasonable performance for new data.
We previously talked about how Transfer Learning will radically change ML. People seemed to love it, so we thought we'd follow up with some thoughts on democratizing AI and Software 2.0. Machine Learning has had significant impact on the technology industry in the past few years, but many engineers still view it as little more than a highly specialized tool … See more
8 Alternatives to ModelDepot

What's the best place to follow new artificial intelligence startups?

Lolita M TaubEnterprise Tech
Technically Sentient - An in-depth newsletter about AI, written by Rob May
"Covering Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Neurotechnology. Jason and his team have also launched several other newsletters focused on… See more
AI/ML Reads - Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning resource directory
"@nikvimal made an awesome directory of resources around artificial intelligence ✨"
Machine Learnings - Understand how A.I. will change your future.
"Sam DeBrule put together this newsletter which gives you all the best ML/AI reading from the past week. There is also a Medium publication … See more
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