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I've built this app in my spare time to resolve my frustration with Windows 10 for not having automatic theme switcher. This may be included in the next releases of Windows 10 but for now here is Luna!
Hope this app is useful for other people as well 😊
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  • These improvements make it easier for anyone to use Slack, adapt it to how they work, and access essential tools.
    - New navigation
    - New compose button
    - Custom sidebar sections
    - Shortcuts button for apps, workflows
    - New themes (coming soon)
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  • NightOwl is a small menubar app which toggles your Macs dark mode. Scheduled toggling, sunset/sunrise based toggling, quick-toggling and the ability to exclude certain Apps from Dark Mode makes NightOwl the perfect app for nocturnal people!

    * MacOS Mojave is required

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    Usually it's not dark enough at sunset. I'd love to have the option to use civil twilight instead for auto-switch.

  • Dark Mode List is a list of apps and sites that support dark mode

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    Ok, if you were looking for a dark mode in some app and there aint one, chances are that there is an equivalent app that can do dark in this…

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  • Darkdocs adds a dark mode to your Google Docs writing experience.

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  • WhatsApp is getting a new dark mode on iOS and Android today. If you already have dark mode enabled at the system level on iOS 13 or Android 10, then WhatsApp will automatically switch over. Android 9 users can simply enable a new dark theme in the WhatsApp settings menu.
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  • One of the most highly anticipated features from the launch of Messenger 4, dark mode is a sleek new look that goes easy on the eyes so you can use the Messenger features you love no matter when or where you are.
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    I like it a lot but after a couple of days, I switched back

  • DarkModeDesign

    Two months ago I needed to design an Android app for dark mode, and it was quite stressful to do a lot of searches here and there for best practices.
    I chose to compile all the resources I've found helpful related to designing and building dark mode apps. 😍
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  • Nebular is an Angular 8 UI Library with a focus on beautiful design and ability to adapt it to your brand easily. It comes with 4 stunning visual themes, a powerful theming engine with runtime theme switching and support of custom css properties mode.
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    see pros )

  • Dark Mode for Safari

    Dark Mode for Safari is an extension, similar to Google Chrome extensions, that provides a better way to enjoy surfing the web by using a dark theme.

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  • Nuclino Dark Mode has finally arrived! Give your eyes a break and experience a darker side of Nuclino with your team.
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    More features are needed

  • Night Palette

    Dark Mode Color Palettes for Designers and Artists
    Night Palette is a free inspirational color palette tool made for dark mode design
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  • Quora Dark Mode

    Turn Quora UI into dark mode for ease on the eyes and improved readability.

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  • DigThemes

    Tired of searching for Windows 10 Themes on Google, DigThemes will help you find one thats perfect by searching through thousands of themes published on popular websites, like Expothemes, Themepack.me, Themeraider, etc with a click of button.
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