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15 alternative and related products to Lumos Helmet

Lumos Helmet

Bike helmet with brake lights

15 Alternatives to Lumos Helmet

The beanie that's as safe as a helmet. 🎩 🧢 👒

It's a beanie that is as safe as a helmet. Meet Anti Ordinary A1 is the most comfortable helmet you'll wear to date.

Our proprietary system uses non-newtonian materials to keep it 1 inch thick while outperforming all other traditional helmet materials such as EPS and EPP.

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Digital Trends
Beanies and wool hats are a whole lot more comfortable than hard ski helmets. You know what they're not? Safer. That could change, however, thanks to an innovative new ski beanie which instantly shifts from soft to head-protecting hard when an impact takes place. Here's how it works.
Snow Magazine
Revolutionary new design offers 'instant' protection on impact.
The Inertia
For decades avid snowsports enthusiasts have been forced to make an important choice in headwear: beanie or helmet? The former is often preferred for comfort and warmth. The latter is, of course, safer but less comfortable and also runs the risk of losing you a few style points.
​Whether you call them beanies, tuques or simply wool hats, a lot of downhill skiers wear the things instead of helmets, as they're so much more comfortable. Well, that's why the ANTI Ordinary A1 was created. It's usually soft and pliable, but hardens to protect the head upon impact.
Gadgets & Wearables
For those that don't want to sacrifice comfort or safety while riding the slopes this winter, there's a new product. It comes in the form of a beanie that starts soft and flexible, but hardens on impact.
5 Alternatives to Anti Ordinary A1

Collapsible bike helmet 🚴‍♂️🧢

Park & Diamond™ is an ultra-portable, stylish and collapsible bike helmet that looks and feels like a traditional baseball cap.

🚴‍♂️ Collapsible, comfortable and breathable

🚴‍♂️ Stylish and replaceable skin

🚴‍♂️ Hand washable layers

🚴‍♂️ Weighs 8 oz

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Bike helmets can look dorky and are often too bulky to stash in a bag. The Park & Diamond is a new helmet designed to solve both of those problems, resembling a baseball cap when it's on your head and collapsing down to the size of a water bottle when it's not.
Fast Company
Three years ago, while David Hall was an engineering student at Virginia Tech, his sister was hit by a car while riding her bike. "She spent the next four months in a coma," he says. "Throughout that time period, we were asked all the time: 'Was she wearing a helmet?'
5 Alternatives to Park & Diamond

Front wheel drive + compact bicycle that comes as a kit.

Front wheel drive, hands by your side, compact bicycle that comes as a kit you assemble yourself. A DIY challenge thats too much fun.

Its not going to replace the regular bike. But its modular and different and could help some adults and kids get back into the spirit of making and building their own wheeled vehicles.

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With a totally unique upright riding position, front wheel drive, and the ability to assemble it in different configurations, the Bellcycle might just be weird enough to catch on. I've been sitting on this post for quite some time now, waiting for the actual campaign to be launched, but it's just so dang cool that I can't wait any longer.
The Bellcycle will be sold as a kit that users assemble themselves. Among its interesting features are front-wheel drive, under-the-seat steering, and a modular design that lets users swap in different rear ends. It's also small, light (20 lb/9 kg) and cheap.​
10 Alternatives to Bell Cycles
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