Alternative products to Lumenati CS1

5 alternative and related products to Lumenati CS1

Lumenati CS1

The world's first cinematic smartcase

5 Alternatives to Lumenati CS1

A better iPhone camera for shooting film

Nizo is the most elegant way to shoot and edit video on iPhone. Celebrating extraordinary artists exploring fashion, art, music, and culture.

Vicki Tourtouras
Vicki Tourtouras- Designer and Co-Founder of Nizo
Nizo combines shooting and editing video. Shoot with motion picture grades, and edit using fluid gestures.
Chris Messina
Chris Messina- Product designer & entrepreneur
Very slick UI and easy way to edit and combine 4K video content.
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Cult of Mac
Nizo is a new take on video apps. It manages to blend shooting and editing together, so you can edit your movies on the fly as you capture them. The interface to do this is - like much good design - so clean and obvious that you wonder why it wasn't done before.
Mobile Motion
A Sydney-based team of creative professionals are challenging traditional workflows with a new filmmaking app called Nizo, released a few days ago. Essentially, this app is an all-in-one camera and editing app. Normally your camera and editing software are 2 different tools, doing 2 very different jobs.
Traditionally, the video creation process follows a somewhat linear set of steps: pre-production, production, and post-production. Now, a Sydney-based team of creative professionals are challenging traditional workflows with a new filmmaking app released today called Nizo. Nizo's creators use the phrase "new wave filmmaking" to describe the app.
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6 Alternatives to Nizo

Apollo is the first app to use the depth data of your portrait mode photos to calculate photorealistic lighting.

Using a proprietary graphics card processing algorithm, Apollo is able to illuminate a portrait scene in real time.

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Apple wasn't the first smartphone maker to switch to a dual-lens camera setup on the back of its handsets. Of course once Apple did it, plenty of other smartphone makers followed the company's lead and added dual-lens cameras to their own phones.
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6 Alternatives to Apollo Immersive Illumination
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