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The admin microservice generator
6 Alternatives to Lumber

Hit the ground running with Forest, the back office solution that helps companies execute fast and at scale, with no time wasted on internal tools developed in-house.

Thomas DIDIER- Product Marketing Manager, Ermeo
If you are looking for a SaaS product which allows your developers to save time and focus on your customer-facing product, and at the same time offers more autonomy and efficiency to your business team, you should check out Forest (, the first SaaS back office solution.
Thomas DIDIER- Product Marketing Manager, Ermeo
Check out Forest ( if you're looking for a robust and friendly back office solution to access and manipulate data. Unleash your team’s productivity with multiple dashboards and data-views features, conversation module (assign teammates, leave notes, and communicate directly through Forest where all your data is), workflows-mapping, smart … See more
Thomas DIDIER- Product Marketing Manager, Ermeo
To visualize and manipulate data to manage operations seamlessly.
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Build apps quickly with microservices.

KintoHub makes it easy for you to build, test and deploy microservices and cloud-ready features without having to code every service.

This is possible because we've made microservices simple from code to cloud and are creating a feature economy that empowers developers to share common features and only focus on their secret sauce.

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After our successful launch on Product Hunt, where KintoHub was voted to be the #1 product of the day in multiple categories, and our "Monoliths are $H1T" video that went viral, we're excited to...
Quick intro video for the sake of a visual example on how to use KintoHub. We'll be creating a series of videos soon. Check us out to learn more at
After many long nights, we're excited to announce our launch on ProductHunt, a site for likeminded techies and individuals on the hunt for cool products. It took us a while to decide if and when we...
The New Stack
There's no doubt that microservices is one of the hottest trends in modern software development. Everyone loves to tout they're using it but are they really? Upon further review, the lack of understanding of event-driven architecture may have more teams using the more newly coined "miniservices" to fit business needs.
Hello World, I'm personally excited to announce that KintoHub Alpha is here! Couldn't be more proud of what we've built til' date and excited to grow a community around KintoHub in order to unlock the potential of a Feature Economy. Version 0.1.0 is accessible for everyone to enjoy here  - And guess what?
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Test the data you send to Microservices & APIs

Send a post request to Interspect or a fetch data from another endpoint, and automatically generate tests with mutations and subsets of your data. Send your tests to a microservice or endpoint to understand the endpoint's behavior and measure response time.

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A tool for running local apps and/or forward others

Monday is a microservice developer tool.
This CLI tool allows you to define a configuration to work with both local applications (Go, NodeJS, Rust or others) and forward some other applications over Kubernetes in case you don't want to run them locally.

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