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Store your luggage in local shops (in London and Copenhagen)
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11 Alternatives to LuggageHero

Find a place to leave your bags & luggage anywhere in the city! Bounce has hundreds of locations and offers fully insured storage for just $6 per day. Live now in San Francisco, NYC & more.

Key features:

🏪24/7 locations

🔒Secured & insured

📞24/7 support

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Aleks and I started Bounce a year ago with the vision of transforming how people live and get around with their things in cities. Collectively, we've lived in 15 cities and traveled to 60+ countries and don't own very much. From our experiences, we know how much your things can hold you back and that has inspired Bounce.
If you've ever found yourself lugging a big suitcase from meeting to meeting, a startup called Bounce could make your life easier. Using Bounce, you'll be able to pay for short-term storage at hotels, dry cleaners and other local businesses. The San Francisco-based startup is announcing...
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Vertoe is an on-demand short term storage provider connecting people looking to safely store their bags/personal items for a few hours/days to nearby local shops that have space. We aim to provide instant storage within 5 minutes of wherever you are.

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It's vacation protocol: you finally get to your destination after a long journey but you can't check into your hotel until later in the day, so you're stuck killing time with your luggage in tow. Or you have a long layover but you don't get to leave the airport and explore because you don't want to deal with lugging your suitcases around.
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Vertoe Husband and wife Neha and Sid Khattri were on the final leg of a four week vacation when they found themselves in an inconvenient predicament: The Khattris had plans to visit LA's beaches before their flight home to New York, but had nowhere to leave their bags for the day.
Have you ever been in a city with a few hours to kill before a flight but unable to explore because you are bogged down by bags? Well now, travelers in New York and DC can safely store their luggage at one of the 100 Vertoe spots for less than $6 a day.
New York-based Vertoe raises seed funding for its luggage storage business.
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