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Store your luggage in local shops (in London and Copenhagen)
Top LuggageHero alternatives
Monitor, debug and test real-world CX flows in minutes
  • Find a place to leave your bags & luggage anywhere in the city! Bounce has hundreds of locations and offers fully insured storage for just $6 per day. Live now in San Francisco, NYC & more.

    Key features:

    🏪24/7 locations

    🔒Secured & insured

    📞24/7 support

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    I was the first customer to ever Bounce my stuff and I'm still a loyal customer. There are so many moments when you have a bag that you want…

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  • Your face on your luggage
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    Looks like a humor story for college student's i would love to give these away! Never used but very much impressed by the commercial

  • Vertoe is an on-demand short term storage provider connecting people looking to safely store their bags/personal items for a few hours/days to nearby local shops that have space. We aim to provide instant storage within 5 minutes of wherever you are.
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  • Stasher is the world's largest luggage storage network. It partners with hotels and local shops so that travelers and event-goers can have a safe place to store their bags while they enjoy their day.

    Stasher is convenient, over 600 locations in 80+ cities worldwide; affordable, only £6 for 24 hours; and offers award-winning customer service.

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    Hi guys,

    I work for Stasher's Marketing Team. If you have any questions regading the product, feel free to drop me a line!

  • Trakdot

    Track your luggage while traveling.
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  • Vago

    Free up your luggage space!
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  • Described as the "Airbnb of Storage", Bagsort provides travelers convenient, affordable ($5.95/day), and safe luggage storage within major cities across North America. Our storage network consists of certified local stores & hotels with extra space available
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  • Smart-Unit

    The first anti-theft luggage tracker in the World
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  • Measure your travel luggage easily using your phone's camera. Luggage fit will tell you automatically if your baggage fits the maximum size allowed by your airline.
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  • Traerlo

    Simply measure luggage sizes with your camera. Knowledgeable of over 100 airline baggage allowances including differentiation between classes.

    Less stress, more joy. A nice flight!

    Go with the flow, Traerlo.

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  • G-RO

    G-RO, most crowdfunded luggage campaign, launches new bags
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