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Like Pocket, but for audio

8 alternative and related products to Loon

Pocket for Web

Save things for later with Pocket, refreshed with a new look

Moak Designs- Internet Marketing Specialist
I love using this because it will save the permanent copy of the content even if the page no longer exists, they allow you to update the content within the pocket if you wanted updated version.
I love Pocket and use the Chrome extension on a daily basis. But beware, you may end up adding a lot (yes a loooot..) of articles which you can't read in one life term ;) . Be disciplined, add what you really want to read later and archive frequently to have a stress free reading experience
Emily Kellert- tech lover & travel freak
I can never read everything I see posted and with Pocket I can easily save with tags so I can find them at a later time.
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Pocket Casts

Powerful podcast manager for iOS & Android. New v.5 release.

Fabrizio Bianchi- Digital Campaign Coordinator @ Sodexo
Because I don't listen to music, I want options when it comes to my podcasts playback, and it should feel and look good!
David M.- Disabled Gamer/Tech Blogger
Excellent podcast app that can sync to a web browser client for additional fee. One weakness is that it does not have support for password-protected podcasts.
Rodger Cooley- Web Developer
As long as the desert island has internet connectivity... it's the best podcast management and player on Android. A close second would be Smart Audiobook Player
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Play M4B/M4A/MP3 audiobooks on iPhone

BookPlayer is a wonderful player for your M4B/M4A/MP3 based audiobooks. You can easily import files via AirDrop or from other apps & manage books and playlists.

The player adopts to the cover colors and uses simple gestures to control playback. Chapters & a sleep timer are available, too.

BookPlayer is free and Open Source!

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ReadIT 🔥

Never forget to read a link again

Pocket, Feedly, Twitter Bookmarks. These are some of the places where the links you wanted to "save for later" go to die.

ReadIT 🔥 puts a stop to this broken behavioural pattern by putting an ⏳expiration date on your links. This way, if you really care about reading something you'll make sure to find the time for it, or else it will 💨 disappear.

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