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LOL Colors
Curated color palette inspiration.
45 Alternatives to LOL Colors

Google, but for colors.

Picular is a rocket fast primary color generator using Google's image search. If you ever needed the perfect yellow hex code from a banana, this is the tool for you!

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Google, but for colors. Picular is a rocket fast primary color generator using Google's image search.
Fast Company
A new design tool called Picular is built around an unlikely data source: Google image search. Picular is a new color search tool that lets you enter any search term and presents you with a slew of options, basing all of its color choices on what pops up first in Google image search.
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A simple tool to generate better colors and gradients.

I created this simple tool to help designers find unique colors and striking gradient combinations. By making a tool that solely generates random colors and gradients, colors are found that would otherwise be unthought of. I hope ColorSpark becomes a useful tool in your toolkit to help spark new ideas for your next design project.

15 Alternatives to ColorSpark

Thoughtfully crafted and easy-to-use color palettes

Culrs is an open platform for you to choose color palettes for any application with extreme ease. The colors are curated and palettes are fashioned with colors that work together, creating beautiful combinations, keeping in mind the color wheel and color theory.

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Peter Thaleikis
Following last weeks "first edition" of neat indie projects here are some more interesting indie projects. I've discovered these projects in the last week mostly. If you got any feedback for the list or want to leave the makers behind the project a comment reply to this tweet please.
Product Disrupt Blog
Culrs was started way back in 2016. We were in the latter half of our 3rd year of Engineering. We didn't enjoy the theoretical textbook-education of college and wanted to venture into the practical side. We began working on this idea to build the first version of the product.
Thoughtfully crafted and easy-to-use color palettes for any application
HeyDesigner - Design news. Curated daily.
A free and open platform for color inspiration with thousands of trendy hand-picked color palettes with different categories from color theory.
Silo Creativo
Una semana más, nos sumergimos en todas las noticias que van apareciendo en la web, y hacemos una pequeña selección de entre todas ellas para traéroslas. Ciertamente es un placer hacerlo, y esperamos que os sirvan de ayuda e inspiración en vuestros proyectos.
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Color palettes used throughout history ⏳

Color Leap is a collection of 180 color palettes that showcase colors used throughout 12 distinct eras in history. Each palette was created by sampling pieces of artwork from the time period.

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Revista Merca2.0
Con frecuencia te recomendamos diferentes recursos de utilidad relacionados con el mundo del diseño, en esta ocasión aprenderás de la historia de los colores. Color Leap es una herramienta que te ayuda a descubrir las paletas de colores usadas a lo largo de la historia.
Digital Synopsis
Kentucky-based graphic designer Brandon Shepherd has released a handy online tool called Color Leap that showcases a collection of color palettes used in paintings and artworks throughout different eras in history - from ancient Egypt to the 1960s. The tool consists of 180 palettes spread over 12 different time periods.
Blog de diseño gráfico roc21
Gracias a una página web puedes mirar las paletas de color que se usaban en las diferentes épocas de la historia de la humanidad. Comenzando por el año 2000 Antes de Cristo y terminando en el año 1960, de nuestra era. En total podrás ver las paletas de color de 12 épocas diferentes de la historia.
WWWhat's new? - Aplicaciones, marketing y noticias en la web
Con frecuencia os recomendamos diferentes recursos de utilidad relacionados con el mundo del diseño. En esta ocasión nos ha parecido interesante mencionar Color Leap, una sencilla herramienta que nos ayuda a descubrir las paletas de colores usadas a lo largo de la historia.
Frogx Three
Colorleap, es una enriquecida colección de paletas de colores que recolecta más de 180 paletas de colores de 12 eras diferentes para conmemorar la evolución de las mismas; eras como las del renacimiento, de la guerra y 200 A.C.
Siècle Digital
L'Art évolue avec les époques, c'est peu de le dire. A chaque époque ses caractéristiques picturales et graphiques. Color Leap est un petit outil en ligne qui comme Picular, se propose de stimuler votre créativité. Le site a sélectionné un pool d'oeuvres, échantillon de ce que les contemporains ont produit et en a tiré une palette de couleur.
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A timeline of the trendiest color palettes from Dribbble.

The Colorbook is a platform that creates & curates color palettes from daily Dribbble shots, as well as hourly updates on the trending color palettes of Dribbbles' front page.

You can also travel back in time to see popular color palettes from a specific day!

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The trendiest color palettes from Dribbble. An idea that turned into a successful platform launched on Product Hunt. In this article, I'll be telling the story of my recently released platform, The Colorbook , from concept to release.
InVision Blog
If you've ever lost an hour or 3 in search of fresh color palette inspiration, (or spent too much time watching Wong Kar Wai films) you're going to love Stefan Mansson's new platform. The Colorbook analyzes the most popular shots from Dribbble's homepage and curates a running list of the 5 most prominent colors from each shot.
11 Alternatives to The Colorbook
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