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3 alternative and related products to Logicboard

Programming interviews made easy
Logicboard is an in-browser collaborative code editor which lets you write and run code together in over 28 languages. Participants can also take Private Notes and communicate via Chat and Video Calls.
It's a perfect tool for remote technical interviews.
3 Alternatives to Logicboard

Remotive Jobs is where we centralize remote jobs offers we are most excited about!

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Amine Skalli
Amine Skalli
Really the best place for remote jobs !
Paul Tucker
Paul Tucker
Fantastic list of jobs curated from a broad sampling of industries around the world. Supported by people who are passionate about remote work, team culture, and community. PS: They have an awesome Slack community as well!
Kesava Mandiga
Kesava Mandiga
For remote jobs... Startups or otherwise.
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Learning more about over 200 startups hiring remotely is very insightful, here is what we see happening in 2016: 1. From Office Space to Office-as-a-Service (OaaS) In 2009, a former colleague damaged her thumb due to BlackBerry overuse. It really made me think about how connected we were, and connectivity has only increased ever since!
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