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Loft Radio
Exploring new ways of supporting artists online
Loft Radio offers a new way to support artists online. It's a 24/7 lofi & mellow beats radio where you can tip artists directly with Ether while their music is playing. Loft is free to listen and artists receive 100% of every tip.
13 Alternatives to Loft Radio

A fairly ridiculous super-summer music website with a '90s Mac inspired interface. Poolside FM streams a continuous flow of upbeat tracks and hilarious VHS visuals.
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Creative Boom
"Some friends and I built this kinda ridiculous music website and I thought you might be into it," said Marty Bell in an email to Creative Boom this week. The Scottish entrepreneur - founder of Tens sunglasses whom we featured earlier this month - is also the brains behind Poolside FM, a '90s operating system in your browser, with super-summer music and VHS … See more
It's Nice That
Around five years ago while staying with his parents in the rainy Scottish Highlands, Marty Bell got hooked onto listening to music which reflected the opposite of his surroundings. Repeatedly listening to "this genre of feel-good, super-summer music," he built a website which acted as "a virtual vacation to lift my spirits".
The Next Web
I'm a sucker for old-school operating system aesthetics - especially when they've been repurposed to run modern web services. This is why Poolside.FM - a gorgeous music and video feed disguised as a retro Mac OS - immediately piqued my curiosity.
Hey the internet can be a heavy place - especially these past few years. But sometimes, it still delivers the goods: is the goods. This website is a time machine to a simpler time in computing, recreating a late 80s desktop in your browser window, complete with the perfect soundtrack an...
The Verge
Poolside.FM, a new radio-like website, relaunched today. Like the original, people can cycle through 70 different short video clips pulled from the '80s and listen to a playlist of songs collected from SoundCloud. The goal is to have around 500 different tracks for people to listen to.
COOL HUNTING is so much more than a portal into a classic Mac OS from the early '90s; it's a web radio station of summery tunes, a streaming site of lo-fi VHS-to-avi videos and an honest-to-goodness fun time. Developed by Marty Bell (founder of Tens sunglasses), Niek Dekker, Lewis King and Aziz Firat, the website returns...
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RISE is a new platform to identify and break the next wave of music superstars. Discover four new amazing artists every month.

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Spotify already has a reputation of being a hitmaker for new artists and other up-and-comers, but now the company is turning its prowess into a product. Today, Spotify announced the launch of RISE, a new program designed to "identify and break the next wave of music superstars," the company says.
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Easle is a place to hire industry vetted Illustrators & Graphic Designers

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Inspiration Everywhere - Covering graphic design, illustration, photography, art, product design, architecture, advertising & multimedia from around the globe.
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