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Instantly locate any device w/ WiFi, celltowers & IP address

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Building blocks for your location features

HyperTrack helps developers build anything they can imagine with location. We offer accurate locations with near-zero battery, through building blocks that make them useful and beautiful.

Despite extremely capable tracking apps & GPS maps, do you still find yourself asking a friend or food delivery boy, 'Where have you reached?'. In a quest to find an answer to that question, serial entrepreneur Kashyap Deorah founded his 4th startup - Hypertrack.
Forbes India
Saurabh Saxena, CEO of Holachef, a food delivery service in Mumbai, faces a knotty problem every time any of his 80 delivery boys goes out on a job: He's got no way to track them. "It's annoying and leads to inefficiencies in the business," he says.
Tech in Asia
We've got used to seeing that tiny Uber cab wriggle about on its way to our pickup point. We know how much time it will take to arrive. And, of course, Uber can constantly track all its cars and ensure efficiency. How come we don't see similar functionality in an ecommerce or grocery or food app?
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IP Man

A Mac menu bar app to easily copy/paste your IP address.

IP Man is a simple Mac menu bar app displaying your public IP at any time. Easily and quickly copy/paste it by clicking it or by using the shortcut cmd+i.

IP Man also provides you, with the same ease, your WLAN and ethernet addresses.

r/macapps: /r/MacApps is a one stop shop for all things related to macOS apps - featuring app showcases, news, updates, sales, discounts and even freebies.
Please read the . You can also browse the Show HNs.
5 Alternatives to IP Man


Indoor & outdoor location without beacons, WiFi, or GPS

Navisens is a location platform which doesn’t rely on beacons, WiFi, or GPS. We use the accelerometers & gyroscopes inside smartphones. Works anywhere, no need to install hardware or “fingerprint” the building!

Native SDK for iOS & Android, cloud version coming soon.

Try the cloud version right in your browser, no app download required!
There are a few early clues that a startup will be successful, according to market researcher Quid: Have the company's founders worked together before? Is the business in a hot sector, one where many other new startups are also focusing? Has it raised funding at a quick pace?
Whether you're clumsily attempting to find where your Uber is parked or trying to find your friend at a crowded venue, it's clear that GPS has some major limitations that need to be fixed. Navisens wants to gather reliable mapping data from users' smartphones without even touching GPS, instead relying on sensors like the gyroscope and accelerometer to track … See more
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