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Loader.io alternatives and competitors

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Simple cloud-based load testing for your apps

Top alternatives for Loader.io

API-first content federation platform built on GraphQL
  • Placeholder Loader Creator

    SVG component and interactive editor to create placeholder loading, like Facebook cards loading or also known as skeleton UI.
    Exports to SVG, React, React Native, Vue
  • Load-test.io

    Free options
    Load-test.io is your very simple tool to make sure your website will never go down facing huge load traffic.
    Throw up to 100,000 requests per second ๐Ÿš€
    Launch offer is only $19 a month for early adopters !
  • Bugfender

    Bugfender lets you access your application's logs from anywhere in the globe. Bugfender collects everything happening in the application, even if it doesnโ€™t crash, in order to reproduce and resolve bugs more effectively and provide better customer support

  • AccessLint

    AccessLint brings automated web accessibility testing into your development workflow. When a pull request is opened, AccessLint reviews the changes and comments with any new accessibility issues, giving you quick, timely, and targeted feedback, before code goes live.

  • LoadForge

    Free options
    LoadForge uses your cloud to rapidly scale large numbers of simulated users to load test your website, store, API, or application for cheap - cents per test. Unlimited 200,000 user tests for $200 a month, or explore with up to 50 users for free.
  • TTFB it!

    Live TTFB in your browser. Faster than ever.
    Now it can:

    - check time to first byte

    - check protocol http/http2

    - check response code

    - auto check every 5000ms

    Please, give us feedback here!