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Live Home 3D
Design your dream home in 2D and 3D modes.

Live Home 3D helps to draft detailed 2D floor plans and automatically build the structure in 3D.

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10 Alternatives to Live Home 3D

Turn any location into a space for real time, shared AR and VR experiences. Invite friends and family in person or remotely.

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While nearly every tech giant has publicly proclaimed augmented reality the next frontier to conquer, product movement has been relatively slow as the companies' aim to nail very base issues in consumer-friendly ways has proven difficult. Ubiquity6 is one of a handful of startups aiming to ta...
"Think of us as building the browser, and we're helping people build the first websites for the physical world," Midha says. The hope is that developers will build more apps using its tools. "Ultimately we believe people will be building a ton of things we haven't imagined that you'll be able to search, discover and launch with the people you care about, usi… See more
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Framer Form is a Framer-module built with the purpose of exposing a simple API for rendering 3D-graphics. Its purpose is to take existing 3D-techniques & libraries and expose them in the Framer Environment. It is built to support common Framer-concepts like Animations, States & Events in mind.

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Framer Form was built to expose a simple API for rendering 3D-graphics in Framer Prototypes If you're new to Framer, check out their 14 days free trial to follow along. Installation Framer Modules (Recommended) The most convenient way to install Framer Form is to use an app called Framer Modules.
10 Alternatives to Framer Form
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