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17 alternative and related products to Live Crypto Community Tracker

Live Crypto Community Tracker
View and track social followings of major cryptocurrencies

View a list of the most popular cryptocurrency communities, ranked by social media followers across Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and Reddit. We track the growth of each cryptocurrency's community to highlight how fast they're growing and by how much.

17 Alternatives to Live Crypto Community Tracker

All your crypto trades synchronized with no hassle

CoinsHub keeps all your Bitcoin and Altcoin cryptocurrency invesments in one app. You can synchronize in real-time all your exchanges and track your assets in detail.

CoinsHub supports multiple exchanges: binance, bitfinex, bittrex, coinbase, gdax, kraken, poloniex and so on.

You can see your portfolio balance in your fiat currency

willeeh- CTO, GymForLess
Automatic API synchronization between multiple exchanges!
willeeh- CTO, GymForLess
You can connect multiple exchanges and wallets via APIKey and getting your portfolio always synchronized
willeeh- CTO, GymForLess
Automatic API synchronization between multiple exchanges!
17 Alternatives to CoinsHub

Buy crypto, follow the top investors and copy their trades

For over a decade, eToro has been an innovator in the global fintech revolution.
Anyone using eToro can easily trade & invest, copy the leading traders, as well as be copied and earn a second income.
Today, eToro is officially launching its service in the U.S.

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eToro, the social investing and trading platform, announced that it will finally be launching its platform in the US. The platform, which already operates in more than 140 countries, will be available in 30 states and two territories with plans to expand elsewhere in the US after receiving the nece...
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🤖 Recurring crypto trading using your existing exchange


Crypterval is a SaaS helping to setup recurring buy trades to automatically execute at predefined intervals using your existing exchange. Recurring investment into an asset follows the dollar-cost averaging investment strategy.


💰 Cheaper than Coinbase

😌 Anxiety free automation

📈 Hedge against volatility

🕹 You’re in control


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Add trust & reputation to crypto transactions

Create your Peerkey and start trusting who you transact cryptocurrency with. Your Peerkey will display your reputation for others to reference when trust is needed in peer-to-peer crypto transactions.

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Hacker Noon
In order to increase peer-to-peer crypto transactional usage, we need to build the foundation of identity, trust, and reputation first. 🔑💸 As a serial entrepreneur and maker, I've built countless startups and side projects. I tend to focus on peer-to-peer sharing economies (i.e: Studiotime), which match people with assets, skills and time to utilize, with … See more
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Follow changes in your crypto portfolio and share it

Cryptotrackr is a full solution to automate the tracking of your cryptocurrency portfolio with support for balances on different exchanges and the ability to display your portfolio to your friends and family.

Maxim- web is life
I believe cryptotrackr offers an easy and intuitive way of adding and tracking your portfolio. Together with it's unique sharing feature it is one of the best out there.
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Byte is the first crypto tracking app to include all Indian exchanges and global exchanges API to track pair specific in real-time to manage your digital assets
🚀Great Features that Byte offers

jay sidhu
jay sidhu
you can't really beat byte - crypto tracker . Really easy to use.
jay sidhu
jay sidhu
Clean, easy to use, with a great UX, but overall a great service
Jay Siddik
Jay Siddik- Founder, Product Designer
If you are pro trader, Byte is a must-have app, it gives indicator based alerts and advanced portfolio tracking. Moreover, The Real-time Price Tracking is Pair/exchange Specific. all these features at free of cost. NO ads as well
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" Byte " is a fantastic attempt at bringing a fraction of blockchain technology yet another step closer to you with a simplified user experience. By being the pioneer mobile app for tracking bitcoin and a multitude of additional cryptocurrencies including alt-coin, a mere touch with your fingertip will now reveal the live exchange rates and fluctuations betw… See more
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Welcome to a new era of social networking.

Welcome to a new era of social networking. Freely share information amongst friends and family without compromise. Only YOU as the user have access to your data. Powered by Blockstack, you retain ownership of your identity and data. The goal is to give control to the user, not the application.

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Cryptocalc allows you to calculate your profit from mining.

Hi everyone!

We built a cryptocurrency calculator and we’re happy to share it with ProductHunt.

Crypto.Calc allows you to calculate your profit from mining. Just choose coin, fill form with your parameters and see results on right panel! Easy to make decisions what coin is more profitable for you!

Please try it and let us know what you think!

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Cryptocurrency Prices & Charts

Cryptocurrency List brings you real-time updates on all major cryptocurrencies with price, price changes (1H, 24H, 7D), coin market cap, volume in the past 24H and available supply with price graphs for each cryptocurrency. By default the list is sorted by market cap, please click on the cryptocurrency to view more details.

10 Alternatives to Cryptocurrency List

The most complete cryptocurrency platform

CryptoUnify combines all the main services for cryptocurrency lovers in a single platform, allowing you to get all the information, keep track of your funds and trade, all from a single, simple and customized interface for each user, in based on what you need.

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Helping crypto traders maximise profits by planning ahead

Haystack News is a crypto calendar tool created to help traders maximise profit by planning ahead effectively.

The idea stemmed from the adage, "buy the rumor, sell the news", making it easier to do so than before!

The content is created automatically using NLP.

This is currently in the a public beta stage. All feedback welcomed!

Colin Winhall
Colin Winhall- Problem solver.
Haystack News can help traders plan ahead by providing information on events to happen in the coming days, weeks or even months. Note: Bias here, as this is my own tool.
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Let's start by talking about the name! After postponing working on this project for so long because I simply couldn't think the perfect name for it, or find an available domain name, I finally decided to settle for Haystack News. Why?
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Submit links to posts related to crypto and blockchain.

Everyone has heard of hacker news (hn) .The post shared on hn can be related to any topic. CryptoCards 📮 focuses on topics related to blockchain and crypto.User can post anything like tutorials 📰, course links, news 📰 , etc.

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Visually appealing cryptocurrency tracking iOS app

Get a quick overview of +1000 cryptocurrencies.


- Beautiful design

- Favorite cryptocurrency to bring it to the top of the list

- Inspect the chart's data history

- Select currency to match your needs (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY)

- Change chart period to one month, one week or one day

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Let's say hello to the Cryptosaur as the title says, Cryptosaur is an iOS cryptocurrency app. In short, the Cryptosaur is a simple list of all important cryptocurrencies and live prices from multiple exchanges around the globe. What was the motivation to create Cryptosaur?
While the concept has spread like wildfire, the notion of cryptocurrency can be daunting at best for many. However, if you are well versed in this variation of monetary manipulations, then you should seriously consider downloading Cryptosaur.
Rating and price
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