Alternative products to linkmoji

30 alternative and related products to linkmoji

The emoji URL shortener (🍕💩.ws)

30 Alternatives to linkmoji

Create and share links with your custom domain name

Shamit Khemka
Shamit Khemka- M.D. - SynapseIndia
According to its website, it enables you to - Enhance brand visibility and trust by putting your brand name on every link you share. Share branded links across departments, regions and teams with one cohesive strategy. Incorporate branded links into your existing processes, workflow and tools with ease.
Shamit Khemka
Shamit Khemka- M.D. - SynapseIndia
It's the best tool for custom URLs.
Shamit Khemka
Shamit Khemka- M.D. - SynapseIndia
It's a reliable and comprehensive management platform for your links. It's the easiest way to create, measure and share short URLs with a custom domain name.
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Appolicious mobile apps
When you copy and paste long and ugly links into your favorite URL shortener (e.g., and then share them with your audience, you probably don't think much of it, right? You shorten them to fit into Twitter's 140 character limit, to make a post or email look nicer.
24 Alternatives to Rebrandly

Short Menu is an URL shortener that sits in your Mac's menu bar. It supports 17 different services by default and is highly extensible. When opening Short Menu, it automatically takes the URL from your clipboard. You only have to press one button, then Short Menu will shorten your URL and automatically copy the short URL for you.

Arun Sathiya
Arun Sathiya- Happiness Engineer, Automattic
One of my most favorites in the recent days. Primarily because link shortening is a major need for me.
Rating and price
10 Alternatives to Short Menu 3.0 for Mac

No more clicking unknown short-URLs

RevealURL - Find the safety of any short-URL.

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The DEV Community
TLDR; I designed my first app, I corrected my mistakes as developer, I used some amazing analysis tools, We launched on PH and we contributed to OSS 😍 A random thought turned into a tool -  RevealUrl, which helps you to find spammy links in any page, literally.
9 Alternatives to RevealURL

Plink makes smart podcast links.

Plink makes smart links for podcasts. Auto-open installed podcast apps native to listener's iOS, Android, and other mobile and smart watch devices. Each smart link also has a Show Page that desktop users will see with links to that show in major podcast apps.

Scott Mathson
Scott Mathson- Building and
Does 'resources' in initial question involve podcasts? Not seeing that explicitly mentioned, yet if so, Plink makes sharing podcasts easy with smart links that open in apps native to the clicker's device, OS, etc.
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Recent podcast consumer reports present us creators with data and insights into where podcasts are (and aren't) being discovered, how audio is (and isn't) being consumed, alongside other relevant information to help market podcasts.
The recent announcement that Spotify is supplying podcasts to Delta Airlines isn't the first time podcasts have been seen on planes: in fact, as we show above, a limited (and usually out-dated) selection is available on most plane entertainment systems. Taking a ride soon?
Beetle Moment Marketing
A nice embed code for your blog (click "Share" from the show's Plink page, then copy and paste the code as Markup, like I have above) Ability to send users to a specific podcast app (a feature of upgrading your Plink plan):Plink smart links, without any parameters added (params outlined below), will detect the listener's device, geo, and other factors and se… See more
Voxnest have posted the fastest-growing countries for podcasting. The top 4 are Spanish-speaking, all in Latin America. Number 5? China, growing at 43% month-on-month. Given that China has a population of 1.4bn, that's a significant increase for total downloads. Swoot, a new social podcast app, has been launched: you can see friends listening to shows.
Scott Mathson
Years ago, I was certain that I was going to become a famous musician and recording studio owner. And before that, a pro skateboarder. My path and the trajectory of how I got to where I am is a bit of a winding path.
10 Alternatives to Plink

The modern, privacy-aware URL shortener built with Laravel.

UrlHum is the definitive URL Shortener.
Privacy-aware, modern and fast. Provides advanced analytics about the Short URLs created and this is all free: as an Open Source project, you can review its code on GitHub.

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Reclaim The Net
Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), i.e., "web addresses," are seldom short and sweet these days - but in the end, everyone still really wants them just that way. This is where URL shortening techniques come into play - a method of displaying shorter versions of the actual URL, while directing the user to the real page.
4 Alternatives to UrlHum

The Smartest Emoji URL shortener 🤓🔗🗜

🏹.to is the 1st Emoji URL shortener powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. Our 🤖 extracts metadata from the destination page to automatically generate short links containing semantically-related emojis (as opposed to similar products that simply produce a random sequence of characters or emojis). Feedback is more than welcome 😃

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CBC Radio
You've probably used a URL shortener like before. They turn long, unwieldy URLs into snappy short ones. But why limit them to letters and numbers? Alberto Betella created a URL shortener that turns long chains of characters into short strings of emojis.
4 Alternatives to 🏹.to
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