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Linkkle alternatives and competitors

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Most of us use social media in our daily lives, we all have mutliple profiles and share urls almost daily. Sadly the majority of social media sites only offer one url per profile. Using linkkle you can add upto 10 links and replace your social media profile url to your linkkle profile and have all your important links in one place.

Top Linkkle alternatives
MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Reminder 2.0 is the best way to keep track of your reminders on iOS. Quickly add multiple reminders in a row using the return key. Set time and location alarms to make sure you don’t forget the important stuff. The interface was designed to fit right in with other first party apps. Reminder was built to be quick to launch and easy on your battery.

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    My go to reminder app

  • Addme is my social platform 'business card', it's awesome.

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    Addme is fantastic. I think its a really great idea that solves a real problem. We are constantly joining more networks that we can make con…

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  • 100AM

    100AM is event netwoking app: discover other attendees, exchange contacts and get all info about events: news & updates, schedule & speakers. https://100am.co

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  • Remember

    Remember people where you met them
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  • GhostCodes

    Simple and fun way to discover new people on Snapchat.
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  • It's tiring exchanging all your social media accounts with every person you meet. With MeetPass, meeting new people doesn't have to involve the same repetitive chore you're used to. MeetPass is the ideal way to share your contact information and social accounts with others. It's your digital business card that can be shared with one scan.

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    Facebook login as a requirement is a no from me, and the reason I cannot use it.

  • Snapdex

    Snapdex is a directory of Snapchat users. It let's you easily discover new people on Snapchat that may be of interest to you. It does so by providing a searchable database of interesting people who use Snapchat, including their username, snapcode, some snaps, related accounts, and more, giving you a better glimpse of what's out there.

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  • Use Liinks to create and customize an elegant landing page for your links. Connect with Instagram to automatically add links from your post captions to your page. It's simple, fast, and 100% free.
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  • Markd

    Markd is a button on the browser to quickly bookmark and organise interesting people you find online.

    Use Markd to organise and reach out to creative talent, job candidates, sales prospects, or just for marking interesting people that you want to return to later. It's like Pinterest but for People!

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  • ConnSuite is an online platform that provides an upgrade to the classic business card! Link all your social media profiles and showcase articles about you and your work, everything under one single username! Become a ConnSuite star right now!

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    Will recommend to my peers. With more work it could develop into a great networking tool.

  • Aqua

    Share your social card, not your business card
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  • Haystack

    Your new business card.
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  • The new way to share your LinkedIn, email and phone details
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  • AllMyLinks

    Link your Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube or any other website!
    Create your AllMyLinks profile in seconds, 100% free.
    You are in complete control, there are NEVER any ads on your profile!
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  • Get notified immediately when you are mentioned online.
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    Been using them for more than a year, and have been very satisfied with their service. Pricing is important to understand, but once you do, …

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  • Exchange contact information like a boss
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    Because I never could get the verification text, I could never log in.

  • It’s too difficult to meet the right people. That’s why we built Rey, an A.I. that puts networking on autopilot. Rey works in the background, obsessing over who you should meet. When Rey finds a match, it makes an introduction over email. You’re in control — you approve every introduction.

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    I've been testing Rey.ai for a couple of months and have enjoyed watching the product evolve. I think there's a ton of potential for tools …

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  • Ayo

    4 reviews
    Manage your identity and knowledge bases with ease.
    Completely free.
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  • Replace awkward contact exchange and multiple usernames with a simple QR code or personal link.
    I am no longer the owner of this app. If you are interested and want to learn more please reach out to info@smjweb.com
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  • Greyplate

    Greyplate provides a free service for you to house all your personal branding/social links.
    What's more? You can attach your work portfolios/Resumes (PDFs) to your public profile.
    Greyplate gives you full control over how you want to customise your public page
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