Alternative products to LinkedIn Message Tracking by SalesWings

11 alternative and related products to LinkedIn Message Tracking by SalesWings

LinkedIn Message Tracking by SalesWings
Track sales leads who click in your LinkedIn messages.
Zendesk for Startups
Every customer counts when you're a startup.
11 Alternatives to LinkedIn Message Tracking by SalesWings

HeadReach was acquired by in 2018. Thank you for being a part of the journey!

HeadReach is a prospecting tool for sales, marketing, recruitment and data research. By using smart targeting, HeadReach’s helps you to find great prospects.

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Every other day, I read a headline about the extinction of salespeople: "The future of sales is artificial intelligence" or "95% of salespeople will be replaced by AI within 20 years." The craziest part isn't even the prediction-it's that so many companies buy into this BS. They want to automate right now.
Here comes the 8th part of our Prospect List Building Tools series. But it's a first one this year. This time I gave a spin to HeadReach - a product made by two co-founders in Bulgaria. I had a pleasure to interview one of them - Kalo Yankulov.
As a content marketer, I was struggling to find the right people to reach out to while promoting my content. It just took way too much time to identify the decision makers and to find their best emails.
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In the world of inside sales, time management only gets you back so many minutes. It's sales prospecting tools that save you the real meat of your day. Prospecting tools introduce automation, which grants back time that human behavior can't. SaaS products find prospects faster, remove manual tasks for sales reps, and prescribe the right messaging.
4 Alternatives to HeadReach

Save LinkedIn profiles to a Google Sheet with just one click.

Do you use LinkedIn to find interesting people for your business? With Link2Sheet you can create lists of people you find on LinkedIn with just one click, more time to work on your leads!

Useful for anyone who uses LinkedIn to find people, as sales, recruiters, entrepreneurs...

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Les outils de la veille
Link2Sheet est une extension pour votre navigateur Chrome qui va vous permettre de récupérer et de mettre de côté des profils présents sur LinkedIn avec une étonnante facilité. Comment récupérer simplement et sans y passer des heures des profils présents sur LinkedIn ?
9 Alternatives to Link2Sheet

Ken Cucchia
Currently using free version of hubspot
Miles Varghese
A free plugin that's easy to use for tracking, scheduling emails. Should be in line with your needs.
Steve Dimmick
Yup. Mm is great for this.
6 Alternatives to Sidekick by Hubspot
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