Alternative products to Lingo Sketch Plugin

6 alternative and related products to Lingo Sketch Plugin

Lingo Sketch Plugin
A design system manager for Sketch

Manage your Sketch design system with the Lingo Plugin.

6 Alternatives to Lingo Sketch Plugin

Design systems are more important than ever as companies are building more complex digital products. A design system helps with consistency, eliminates redundancy, and reduces technical debt.

Design Systems Repo is a frequently updated collection of Design System examples, articles, books, tools, and talks/presentations.

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23 Alternatives to Design Systems Repo

Timeline 2.0 is a Sketch plugin that enables designers to create interactive components in Sketch, and export to HTML/CSS.

It's also the most advanced way to communicate to developers how an interactive design should work.

Developers get a fully functional HTML/JS/CSS component and can inspect it and even see its code.

Or Arbel
Or Arbel
You can create GIFs in Sketch!
10 Alternatives to Timeline 2.0 for Sketch

Plaster is a Mobile-first Toolkit designed to help validate and generate ideas faster using bulletproof guidelines packed into Sketch ecosystem. The master file is divided into 5 separate pages, each having its own purpose and lots of pre-designed contents to make it a perfect source of truth for a new project.

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Intro Over the past few years, the complexity and time-consuming costs of creating a UI kit or an Inspirational kit have significantly decreased. The market of design tools is rapidly growing and bringing a lot of new features to the game, like Symbols, Design Systems, Plugins and many other handy tools that can be used in various combinations to overcome de… See more
Sketch Tutorials I would like to present you Plaster a mobile design system made to simplify working with Material guidelines by implementing fundamental principles and Sketch app best practices into nested symbols, granting the user with a fast and reliable component-based design approach. 💡 Intro -Backstory and idea behind creation.
15 Alternatives to Plaster for Sketch

zeroheight makes it easy for teams to create design system documentation collaboratively using online styleguides that are:

💎 synced with Sketch components

🖥 integrated with code examples

✏️ easy for anyone to contribute to

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Robin Tindale and I started zeroheight with the vision of bridging the gap between design and development. A Photoshop handoff (zeroheight 1.0) and a Sketch symbol library plugin later (zeroheight 2.0), it feels like we're getting a little bit closer 🤓 It's been a really exciting (and challenging 😅) journey so far.
7 Alternatives to zeroheight 3.0
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