Alternative products to Life-Commit

6 alternative and related products to Life-Commit

Life as a git. Commit on your life.

Have you ever imagined If your life is a git branch, how will you cherish these memorable events with commits?

6 Alternatives to Life-Commit

Make your github history green, with daily automated commits

GitHub Gardener is a tool that makes automated commits daily that magically turn your GitHub contributions green.

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Ok, I want to build a simple product this week and launch it. I am thinking of a bot that pushes a commit to a stupid repository on GitHub everyday in order to make it green in the span of a year.
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A snappy UI, three-way merge tool, side-by-side diffs, syntax highlighting, and more.

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There's a company that makes photography accessories, called Really Right Stuff. They make lovely equipment, but what I really like is the name. It embodies the idea of building something that goes beyond the minimum: making it as good as it can be, paying attention to the details, and getting it really right.
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So, I don't always remember to tweet what I do, but commit my code often, and what do users love more than your product? Well, useful information about what they're going into, and updates, updates are important! Always let people know what you're doing with the product 💪

Hopefully it'll be of use for somebody! 😎

Let me know what you think

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I'm a Dane who enjoys to program and code. I have a degree in Computer Science, along with a smaller Web Development lower education. Alas I have never used either of them, except to prove to an employer that I can actually code. I have been working on gitbird over the past seven months.
View All Logo Lab * New Tools for CSS Layout * gitbird * The State of Fieldset Interoperability * Intro to Generative Art HelloSign API's robust SDK, amazing support, detailed documentation, and super clean dashboard is sure to make your entire team happy.
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Snapchat and Amazon are teaming up
6 Alternatives to gitbird

Gitweet is a convenient tool for developers and makers that wants to quickly tweet something about their last code update.

Once your repository is linked to a twitter account, every time you provide a description in a commit (completely optional obviously), a tweet will be posted with the provided content.

Only the description will be tweeted.

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If you've ever actively worked on a project, shipping new features every month, week or even days, you're probably informing your users about those n...
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