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Life Calendars alternatives and competitors

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Physical calendars to track your mood and love life
The original GraphQL CMS, evolved.
  • Your Life In Weeks

    Your Life In Weeks is a neat tool I saw on Felix's Twitter account, visualize your life so far in an Excel. Make every day count.

  • ✨ It's a minimal calendar for 2021 ✨
    You'll get 24 PDF files (white & black version) to print and hang on your office's wall.
  • The Everyday Calendar by Simone Giertz is the calendar you've been waiting for. Each day you get a gold star for whatever you're trying to achieve - daily meditation? Guitar practice? The world is your oyster.

    The functionality can be easily copied in a digital format. There are more robust solutions in digital format present in the market : apps i…

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  • Life Calendar

    Life gets busy. Often, we are too distracted to step back and appreciate the stories that brought us to where we are today. Life Calendar is a beautiful reminder of every important period of your life. Your studies. Your wedding day. The first time you traveled abroad. Each moment earns a special place on a personalized work of art.

  • 1. Pick a task that is meaningful enough to make a difference, but simple enough that you can get it done.

    2. Each day that you do your task, you get to put a red X over that day. After a while, you’ll start making a chain and you’ll like seeing that chain.

    3. Don’t break the chain!

  • Connect your Google calendar & see how much time you’re spending in meetings over the past year + 11 real-time stats from your calendar.
  • Lemoon

    Lemoon supports you during your antidepressant treatment and afterward. Track your mood and see how it progresses with insightful stats. Create reminders for your different medication and track possible side-effects.
  • Moodline is a completely new way to track your mood. Your mood is displayed on one infinite line: just scroll to reveal the patterns and factors that influence it. Log your mood with just one tap. Explore detailed mood statistics to learn more about yourself.
  • Tab-It

    An app to track the ebb and flow of your day. Quantify multiple variables from 1-10 throughout your day to accumulate powerful reference, insight, and perspective.
  • Track and Assess

    Free options
    Track and Assess helps keep track of unwelcome behavior and overall wellness - in the workplace and beyond!
    Use custom mood emojis, images, and file uploads to document your experiences with workplace bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, racism, etc.