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Level Vinyl
Find and frame your favorite albums

Album covers represent some of the most creative and significant imagery of all time. Level was inspired to honor this art form with a unique way of framing actual vinyl records and their sleeves. Each frame is made by hand using museum-quality components, and shipped to your door within a week. Find you favorite or have Level hunt it down for you.

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An easier way to custom frame your posters, prints & photos

Level is online custom framing for posters, prints photos and more. We're making custom framing more intuitive, convenient and affordable so that you can enjoy more artwork and photos in your life.

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Wall art is relatively easy to acquire. You buy posters at concerts, prints from random stores, or even buy the street art that is sold on the curb. Most times, the art itself is pretty cheap and you end up with stacks of rolling tubes piled in a corner. Why?
Custom framing is a racket. It can be so absurdly expensive to frame a piece of art that you'd think your local shop employed vestal virgins to hand-saw timber from blue jacarandas. Just not the case. And this is where Level comes in.
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Custom frame your best photos in less than five minutes

Select a picture from your phone or computer, and customize online a beautiful, high-quality picture frame. Or select multiple pics for a collage. Level will print your photos on fine art paper, handcraft the frame to fit, and ship to you within a week. Perfect for displaying on your own wall or sending as a gift. Each frame arrives ready to hang.

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World's first infinitely portable, wireless record player

RokBlok is a portable wireless record player.

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Update: Sometimes you think a gadget is new when it was invented in the 70s as a gag gift. Sometimes you see a gadget and think simultaneously, "that's insanely clever," but also just "that's insane."
In an ever more mobile world, vinyl-the least mobile audio format this side of a symphonic orchestra-is making a surprise comeback. But short of a return to the 7″, is there any way to make vinyl more mobile, and less dependent upon a bulky home stereo? The RokBlok might just be the answer.
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Vinyl record dividers for audio lovers 🎶

Organize your vinyl record collection with these easy to use and customizable dividers. Use the included category stickers, write on them, or leave them blank.

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Helping crate diggers find their next gem.

Disco is a tool for all the crate diggers, vinyl record lovers and vinyl collectors out there.

Imagine the scenario: flea market with hundreds of record but no turntable to preview them. Open Disco and scan the record to get the instant audio preview.

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Com­ment choisir ses quand quelqu'un squat­te les platines du dis­quaire depuis 45 min­utes, ou que vous n'avez pas de tourne‐disques sous la main? C'est la prob­lé­ma­tique que s'est posée l'application Dis­co FM. Et elle tente d'y apporter une réponse avec ce nou­veau pro­duit. - Das Musikerportal
Viel kann die iOS-App (zum Testmarathon DJ-Apps) Disco FM nicht. Das muss sie aber auch nicht, denn das was sie tut, ist für viele DJs und Plattensammler bereits hilfreich genug. Das Vorhören von Platten ist jetzt unterwegs noch einfacher. Stellt euch einfach vor, ihr seid gerade auf einer Plattenbörse oder dem wöchentlichen Trödelmarkt unterwegs.
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Disco FM claims to be a "must-have app for all the crate diggers and vinyl record collectors."
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Ableton Live 10 gets an upgrade. Disco digging made easier. Roland applies for copyright. HMV is rescued. Disco digger. A new app called Disco FM has hit the market, claiming to be essential for "crate diggers and vinyl record collectors."
Encore une appli qui va ravir les plus mélomanes que vous êtes ! Les vinyles font l'objet de plus en plus d'innovations. Vous l'aurez remarqué si vous avez lu notre article sur la platine portable Duo, celui sur le vinyle haute-définition, ou encore celui qui parle de la plus petite platine vinyle du monde.
It's currently only available for iOS devices...
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Des développeurs ont imaginé le pire scénario auquel un digger peut être confronté : des milliers de disques à écouter, mais aucune platine de disponible. Pour répondre à ce problème, ils ont créé Disco FM, " l'application que tous les diggers et collectionneurs de vinyles doivent avoir " et qui permet d'accéder à des previews de vinyles sur son smartphone.
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The iOS app attempts to provide easy access to audio clips of vinyl records. A new iOS app called Disco FM has been released. Described as the "must-have app for all the crate diggers and vinyl record collectors," Disco FM is designed to provide streamlined access to audio previews of vinyl records.
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