Alternative products to Lets Commence Design Briefs

4 alternative and related products to Lets Commence Design Briefs

Lets Commence Design Briefs
Easily collect detailed client design briefs online
LetsCommence lets you understand what logo design your client is going to love, before you even start designing. Collect your design brief in a super simple way all online, without emailing PDFs or Word docs back and forth. Clients love it!
4 Alternatives to Lets Commence Design Briefs

An email client designed to keep you calm and focused

What's the role of email in today's world? Our answer: an email that leans into being asynchronous, that helps you focus on what's being said, and that embraces the myriad ways email is used. The result is a calmer, friendlier email that gets out of your way and lets you focus on your work.

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One thing you learn pretty quickly working on email: you don't need to sell customers, investors, or candidates on the problems. Most people have experienced some version of being misunderstood over email, being overwhelmed by email, or being addicted to email.
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