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3 alternative and related products to Let's Chat

Let's Chat

Like Slack, but opensource and self-hosted.

3 Alternatives to Let's Chat

Chat app that matches strangers with opposite opinions

Mixmind is a communication platform to debate and exchange views on current issues of polarized opinions by matching strangers that selected the same subject to be discussed and that have opposite opinions for the same subject they have selected. It ensures the debate flow with a brand new chat structure.

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Your own open source Slack-like chat

Klauss- Veurker
I love Rocket.Chat. It needs more app, otherwise quite stable and good.
Fabian Charles Cook
Fabian Charles Cook- Lead Software Developer, NZ Digital
Open source, doesn't lock you into anything, complete ownership of data, hosted where ever you want. We use Rocket.Chat for our clients that want a "slack" like chat within their software,
Stefan Smiljkovic
Stefan Smiljkovic- Playing with
I am using Rocket Chat for last 3 years as our internal chat and collaboration space. Started using back in the time cause it was Open Source and built with Meteor (was hooked up on Meteor). It's not that good, but its doing the work.
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Camunda BPM is as good as it gets in open source BPM and workflow. Originally a fork of Alfresco's Activiti, Camunda has developed into an elegant solution for automating the three pillars of BPM: system processes, human workflow, and case management.
3 Alternatives to Rocket.Chat
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