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The condom re-engineered with spokesperson Charlie Sheen
3 Alternatives to LELO HEX

The world's first modern & unisex sex essentials company

Hi. We’re maude and we make simple sex essentials. With better ingredients, easier-to-use packaging and friendly content, we’re on a mission make sex better for all.

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Our company started with a question: If sex is a human experience, an everyday experience, why aren't brands treating it that way? Up until now, the $17 billion world of sex essentials has looked something like this: The behemoths dominate drug store shelves with their loud and "masculine" tropes, newer companies speak exclusively to women, and sex toy brand… See more
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I wrote about XFactor Ventures last summer, when it launched as a pre-seed and seed stage VC fund looking to invest in female-led companies. XFactor is unique in that its own investment team is comprised exclusively of women-and they happen to be entrepreneurs in their own right, from Credit Hero CEO Nicole Sanchez to The Muse CEO ...
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Maude's approach is muted by design, with playfully suggestive fruits and millennial pink noticeably absent from its sparse branding and social media aesthetic: The company's raison d'être is to offer "sex essentials" that are gender-neutral.
What's the best way to start off the day? With the wellness movement in overdrive, the rituals for new-and-improved living are plenty: hot water with lemon as a digestive wake-up; whole-body dry brushing to boost microcirculation; meditation for a clear mind. But what about a morning romp?
Sex sells. Maude wants to sell it better - and the brand's three female founders, Eva Goicochea, Dina Epstein and Maya Bodinger, are intent on disrupting the sex industry. Together they've combined their experience in retail, strategy and product development (Epstein was head of "toy" design at kinky lux label Kiki de Montparnasse), to create a line of produ… See more
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After breathing, sleeping and disguising accidental farts with an awkward cough, sex is probably the next most universal activity people around the world engage in on a daily basis. However, much like the unwanted flatulence, sexual intercourse can come with significant discomfort. The road to the big O!
Sex is great, but nothing can quite kill the mood like overcomplicated toys and garish condom boxes. Enter Maude: the latest player in the sex industry, whose unisex merchandise and minimalist, streamlined packaging makes sex inclusive, fun, and most importantly safe. Featuring a curated selection o...
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Eva Goicochea is revolutionizing the sex industry. With a split background in visual branding and legislative work, she's marrying her strong eye for design with her passion to help people in the form of Maude, her latest business venture already stirring a buzz. Modern sex essentials, here to make sex simple.
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We've all heard that sex sells, but how it's sold is a lesser-known story. Historically, sex was only sold to the cis hetero man.
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Condoms. To this day, they are the only contraceptive method that prevents against both sexually transmitted disease and unintended pregnancy. Yet, study after study shows their use is steadily on the decline, while STD rates are rising across many demographics. Now, as intimate products from connected pelvic floor-monitors to digital fertility apps tear dow… See more
Sex is great. Buying stuff for it isn't. Those are Maude's words, not ours. Who is Maude? Yeah, we were wondering the same thing. We were attracted (no pun intended) to their sleek, minimalist, and yes - pretty packaging. Moreover, we quickly discovered that Maude is all about "taking the b@#$%$@# out of getting lucky."
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No longer a taboo topic, sex-related brands are seeking to reinvent the retail experience. As society continues to break taboos around sex and sexuality, cutting-edge sex brands seek a better retail experience-one that's not shameful or illicit, but more in line with the everyday retail experience consumers expect today.
When you need to restock your fridge, you'll usually just head to the grocery store. But getting new sex products like lube, toys, and condoms isn't always so straightforward. You're lucky if you live near a sex shop, and even if you do, you may still find the experience of going into one uncomfortable.
Eva Goicochea, co-founder and CEO of sexual wellness startup Maude, speaks to PSFK about the Gen Z demand for inclusive brands in our Forecast Z report More than any group before them, Gen Z has done away with labels, opting instead for the idea that identity and preferences are constantly in flux.
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The rise of technology, e-commerce, and digital media is changing the way consumers connect with brands and retail. Across all generations, we spend our money differently, we're serviced differently, and we look at brands in a different light. It really is a consumer's market.
On deals and dealmakers.
Sexual wellness. It's not something people feel comfortable talking about. Let alone investing in. But when there is stalemate in a large, unexamined industry, there is opportunity. Opportunity to reshape the conversation. Opportunity to remove the social taboo and stigmas associated with it. Opportunity to disrupt a massive market.
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Today, March 8th, is International Women's Day, a day that marks the celebration of women around the world. In honor of this special day, we wanted to highlight 10 badass female-founded brands that are looking to change the landscape around them and challenge the status quo.
Is changing the design of sex toys, lube, and condoms enough to revolutionize how we think about and have sex? Maude thinks so. By making sex essentials look more inviting, they're hoping to disrupt everything we think about sex. Here's how to find ultimate pleasure, starting from ground zero.
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As far as customer experience is concerned, we've all been in that drugstore aisle, awkwardly adding random items into our baskets to cover up condoms... While wishing that we actually understood the differences between the products available. The landscape is over-assorted, outdated, ugly, and uncomfortable.
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