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LEGO Worlds alternatives and competitors

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LEGO's Minecraft competitor
Top LEGO Worlds alternatives
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  • Brickit

    10 reviews
    Brickit helps to build new creations from your Lego bricks:
    1. Scan your pile of bricks
    2. Brickit will show you what you can build with them
    3. Assemble ideas with the help of instructions
    4. Find bricks by looking at their location in the pile
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  • LEGO AR Studio

    Introducing LEGO® AR Studio – a new augmented reality experience from LEGO® - where you can play with digital versions of selected LEGO® sets in your real-world scenes!

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  • PIXL

    PIXL™ is a magnetic building system that allows you to create almost anything you can think up, in either 2D or 3D.

    It’s as simple as it looks. Start with one PIXL™ block, then place another PIXL™ block next to it. You’ll immediately feel them click together. No interlocking knobs, grooves, or specific sides to line up - it’s really that easy.

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    LEGO® FORMA is a premium LEGO experience designed for adults looking for a fun, engaging way to reconnect with their creative side.

    ✅ Cleverly designed but simple to assemble

    ✅ Sturdy rods and parts

    ✅ Customizable skins

    ✅ Design cues from nature

    ✅ Life-like movement, colors, and patterns.

    ✅ Tasteful addition to any room.

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  • Ralph

    This holiday season, find the perfect LEGO gift with the LEGO bot for Messenger. You can share information with the bot, like the age of the person you're shopping for and your price range, and from there, the bot will recommend different LEGO sets to gift.

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  • Minecraft: Story Mode

    Story mode for Minecraft
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  • Ideal for cat lovers and toy builders, these cat sculptures draw inspiration from LEGO. Since the patent of LEGO expired decades ago, lots of building blocks products appeared in the market.
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  • BriXtar


    Let your imagination run wild or choose from 1000's of unique models daily by our active community.

    Share your passion and creativity and upload creations that can inspire the next generations of BriXtars.

    Manage your sets

    Register your existing LEGO® sets, keep track of all your collectionss and uncover the hidden secrets inside them.

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  • Voxel Place is a virtual world where anyone can build anything. No need to sign up.
    The entire game is under 250KB.
    I recommend using Chrome to test this. Firefox performance is terrible. I'm working on improving it. There's also no mobile support yet.
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  • Once you’ve installed Unity, there are simple In-Editor Tutorials to learn how to build and modify your LEGO® Microgame. You snap together virtual LEGO bricks, creating a multi-level obstacle course with features and hazards.
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  • Brick Economy

    Brick Economy allows you to look up the value of any lego set, see it's historical pricing information and also gives you projections into the growth in it's value.
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