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Leeo Smart Alert

Smart smoke alarm nightlight that sends alerts to your phone

3 alternative and related products to Leeo Smart Alert

Nest Protect 2.0

All-new smoke sensors and security features.

Nest Protect 2.0 is a smart smoke and CO detector alarm. Nest will tell you and it will send an alert to your phone if there is something going on. It will save your life and your house but first, it will recognize where the problem is exactly to let you react appropriately.

Kate- Community @Tierion
I have a Nest Protect and it's one of the most simple "peace of mind" smart home devices I own. It's whole purpose is to serve as a higher-tech and more highly integrated smoke and carbon dioxide detector and I absolutely love it. The alarm is super loud and the tiniest features (the light ring with color codes, monthly "check-ins") all add up to make it one… See more
Kate- Community @Tierion
I'm obsessed with my Nest Protect. It's one of those little things that makes me feel so much safer (smoke and CO2 detection all connected to my phone, super loud alarms, monthly "home reports") and it's worth every penny. The glowing circle is also the most genius little design— the colors all have different meanings and at night when you turn off your ligh… See more
Nussi Einhorn- UX Designer @fabuwood
Your house will feel more secure!
4 Alternatives to Nest Protect 2.0


The intelligent fire camera for homeowners

SmokeD is an intelligent fire camera (with A.I.) for everyone.

The SmokeD camera can quickly detect wildfire (the average time is 5min so far) even from a distance of 10 miles and send an alert to your phone directly.

You, your neighbours and FireTeam may be alerted on time!

There is a Kickstarter campaign so help us bring the project to live!

With an increasing occurrence and severity of wildland fires there is a need for their accurate detection and fast notification to fire-fighting authorities. SmokeD, the world's first fire camera powered by artificial intelligence able to detect smoke and warn of approaching wildfires, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to … See more
The current 2017 fire season clearly shows importance of early information about newly developing fires. Obviously, the sooner fire is detected and
The West is in the grips of an intense July heatwave that follows record-breaking precipitation this past winter-all preceded by a half-decade long drought. Cheatgrass is having a banner year, many trees have succumbed to drought and bark beetle infestation, and together, they provide a dangerous cocktail for enhanced fire development as we have witnessed th… See more
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