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Find something to watch
Focus on your date - not the Netflix screen!
Make your selection in less time than you thought possible with our minimalist blazing fast movie/tv site - 80,000+ tags, 130,000+ ranked selections, 1000+ full length features. No ads.
6 Alternatives to LazyDay

Confused about what to watch?

Compare movies and TV shows and make informed decisions. Watch trailers and compare stats like ratings from IMDB, TMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, runtime, genres, release date, status, season & episode details, cast, crew, overview and so on with ease.

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Crowd ranking movies to help u figure out what to watch next

Movie fans, rejoice! Stop wasting hours deciding what to watch next.
At Hoblist, the online community helps find your next movie. Browse crowd-ranked lists for your favorite genres. Instead of endlessly scrolling your queue, see what other fans recommend.

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