Alternative products to Lawgeex

10 alternative and related products to Lawgeex

Get your legal document analyzed in a few seconds
10 Alternatives to Lawgeex

Free legal documents for startups in minutes

Draft any of 6 most commonly used contracts for startups in few minutes by answering simple questions. No registration required. We can personalize your documents for you by adding logo and some custom language upon registration. Used by YC companies.

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This time, interviewed Yuriy Zaremba, one of the top Ukrainian lawyers, the founder of AXDRAFT, a startup aimed to ease routine of drafting legal documents. We talked about "this is MAGIC" moment in his career, got insights on managing a legal tech startup, and discussed the bright future of expanding legal tech industry.
6 Alternatives to AXDRAFT

Sign documents or collect signatures directly within Gmail

SignEasy Gmail Add-on helps you sign documents or send them to others for signature in minutes, all without leaving your inbox.

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SignEasy Blog
You already know and love SignEasy's GDrive app. As of today, we are adding another strand to our growing web of Google integrations: our brand-new Gmail add-on. Gmail users can officially sign and send documents without leaving their inbox!Cutting down on wasted time and abolishing cumbersome
SAN FRANCISCO, March 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SignEasy, a cloud-based eSignature solution used by over 100,000 customers, from professionals to businesses...
6 Alternatives to SignEasy for Gmail 2.0

jQuery for legal documents

Codepact is a new, better interface for law, using software engineering techniques to custom-build contracts for the way you do business.

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Codepact Blog
To advance law, lawyers need to learn software development techniques like modular design, branched version control and managing complexity with abstraction. Pat Brown and Henry Fraser run Codepact, a tool that makes the law work more like good software. Pat is a software developer / lawyer who runs{}), a
Codepact Blog
Law firms sell guided access to 3 layers of valuable information. Legal technologists need to understand these layers, and target them in the right order if they want to effect meaningful change. Pat Brown and Henry Fraser run Codepact , a tool that helps you custom build powerful contracts like a pro.
7 Alternatives to Codepact
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