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Analytics platforms for publishers to know their audience

5 Alternatives to Kya

Create professional, customizable buyer personas in minutes with the help of our intuitive free generator. Make My Persona guides you through strategic questions designed to help you better organize your buyer persona research. Upon completion, you're presented with an editable, shareable document highlighting important details about your audience.

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In this Sprocket Talk tutorial, I do a massive overview of the reimagined HubSpot Make My Persona Tool.I add in a couple strategy points, and actionable...
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As marketers, we're tasked with making a living out of making a connection -- but not just any connection. To scale growth and keep acquisition costs down, your time and resources need to be spent positioning your business in front of the right people, at the right time.
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Uncover what’s making 1 billion people pay attention

Currents shows the collective interests of over 1 billion people each month by connecting audience attention data to the content of online articles.

📈See what stories are trending today

👀Compare attention across topics

🌎Identify what resonates in different regions

🤓Understand how people find content

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Stories about immigration received attention from 200,000 people per hour last week.
It's been about six years since I launched my first podcast. It's been about five since the dust started to settle on my microphones and mixing board. Anyone who has ever launched a podcast can tell you it's harder than it sounds.
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GoSquared People Analytics brings together the best of a CRM, marketing automation, and real-time customer insights, to be the only tool you need to understand and communicate with customers at scale.

James Gill
James Gill- CEO, GoSquared
Hopefully this hits the spot for you, Vassilis. I'm one of the founders of GoSquared, but I genuinely think our People product should come in handy for you here for seeing exactly what a user has done on your site before and after they submit a form. Happy to answer any questions you have.
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We're thrilled to introduce People Analytics - an entirely new product for understanding the behaviour and actions of your visitors, users and customers. Your visitors. Your users. Your customers. Every action. Every pageview. Every attribute. All together in one place. Available to query and search instantly. That's People Analytics.
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Analytics that auto-surfaces, stores, and exports user data

Prodlytic provides a managed, GDPR-compliant, scalable behavioural analytics solution that automatically tracks and stores all event-level data across your website and web app. Continuous export to your own storage and analysis technologies enables deeper insight on everything your customers do.

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GDPR isn't all bad. By following GDPR you'll give your users choice and control over their data, which they'll appreciate. And because the EU is enforcing it, everyone else is doing the same so you're not at a disadvantage. GDPR replaces the current EU privacy regulation that was established in 1995.
After a few intense months of talking to beta users, designing, and shipping code Prodlytic has graduated from beta! 🎉 A massive thanks to all those who took the time to get to know Prodlytic, report bugs and shortcomings, and share your ideas with us.
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Analytics for understanding audience attention

Make every content and distribution decision data-informed with comprehensive and easy-to-understand analytics. gives you the power to answer the toughest questions about your audience and reach your business goals.

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VentureBeat, an analytics platform aimed at online publishers, has closed a $6.8 million series B round of funding led by existing investors Grotech Ventures and Blumberg Capital, with participation from Felton Group, FundersClub, and DreamIt, among other angel investors. The New York-based company also said that it had recently achieved profitability for the f… See more
TL; DR: Information overload is real. Big data is powerful, but to properly leverage it, users must transform overwhelming hordes of online information into actionable insights. Enter The company's online analytics suite is like a magic wand, simplifying the process through an easy-to-use dashboard, content-based API, and proven analytics infrastru… See more
Time Inc. knows that producing magazine content requires data - like seeing how many issues sell based on the cover story. But digital allows for an additional level of analysis the magazine-native publisher hadn't fully embraced. Which is why Time Inc. pruned down its more than five dozen analytics tools and focused on just a...
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