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16 Alternatives to KptnCook

Save your favourite recipes

Fryup is a simple and convenient recipe bookmarking app. The perfect place to store and organise recipes you discover online. Save recipes directly from your web browser, share them and never lose them in bookmarks again.

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Build your very own recipe community with WordPress.

Cooked Pro gives you the features to build a recipe community with WordPress. Ingredients, directions, nutrition facts, galleries, timers & so much more. All of this, packed into a beautiful, easy to use plugin. Add sharing, recipe submission, ratings, favorites and more with the Cooked Pro upgrade.

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A kitchen timekeeper for the preoccupied ⏲

A simple cooking app for the Preoccupied. Enter prep, cook and cool times for each ingredient in your dish and receive reminders when it's time to take action. Ensuring all your ingredients are ready at the right time and giving you time to step away from the kitchen and live your life, be the best you, or do whatever else you'd rather be doing.

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All-in-one grill and BBQ guidelines for various cuts of meat

BBQ Handbook is an all-in-one grill and BBQ helper app that gives you the guidelines for cooking times, internal temperatures for various cuts of meat, direct or indirect cooking and much more.

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Recipe search engine by ingredients

Everyone needs a helping hand in the kitchen and that's exactly what our 'Recipe Builder' does, it's a recipe search engine that lets you search by ingredients you have at home. Find thousands of recipes you can make right now.

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Discover creative recipes

John- Curator of / wannabe desinger
Great recipe and shopping list app
Erwin James Will
Erwin James Will- Software Engineer
I like Yummly because it has infinite scroll and I can stop when I see something I like. Yummly pulls the recipes from a lot of different websites so there is a lot of choose from. Also, as you add things that you like it will start recommending recipes and putting things you might like at the top of your list.
Pavan Sethi
Pavan Sethi- building things.
For recipe discovery, Yummly is great. They have millions of recipes, 20 million users, they let you create shopping lists, and in some places they even let you order food for delivery/equipment to make a meal. Fun fact: they were recently acquired by Whirlpool and last valued at $100 million :)
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