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11 alternative and related products to Kodak Digitizing Box

Kodak Digitizing Box
Preserve your family's moments digitally

KODAK Digitizing Box is a mail-in digitization service for tapes, film, photos, and audio recordings. You pay $60 for a 3 piece box, stuff it with your analog stuff and ship it back to KODAK. After it is processed, you get the result on a USB stick, DVD, or via cloud.

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11 Alternatives to Kodak Digitizing Box

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Automatic backups from your phone & then edit as you wish, on mobile or desktop.
Ale Patron
Google Photos gives you unlimited storage and makes it extremely simple to search your photos, even with emoji!
Abhirup Roy
Picasa is dead. You can use Google Photos and sys anything and anywhere you wish!
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I am not sure if this would answer your question, but Google Photos is my new favorite these days. Google Photos is easily the best cloud-based photo tool currently. They do not offer an option to group photos by albums on the Photos tab (main tab though). Apart from that, it's the best available photo manager with truly unlimited storage. Shame I never used… See more
Kyle Hess
Google Photos is, by far, the best thing in the world.
A very creative promo video. I downloaded Google photos right after watching this:
9 Alternatives to New Google Photos

Syncing photos with the Moments app is a private way to give photos to friends and get the photos you didn’t take.

Zach Felsenstein
I used this after a recent trip to Tahoe and it made it super easy for everyone to add photos and have access to pics other people took of them.
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