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Notification based micro learning platform
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Zest Enlight leverages the power of community curation and AI to provide every user with an individualized learning path.

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Birthdays are a funny thing. Why should we make a big fuss because we're turning a year older? Isn't it just another day in the year with nothing special about it? It was a Tuesday, on the 23 September 2008, when I turned 24.
June 6, 2019: Stephanie Baiocchi posted on LinkedIn
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Bringing a product to market is a challenging, exciting, amazing process. You love your idea, your mom says it's great, your friends and colleagues say "Go for it!" but what really matters is the users. Do they love the product as much as you love the idea?
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Stories is a mobile learning app with online-courses in a short story format. Using machine learning it selects an ideally matching teacher for every student. Reducing efforts for mastering complex materials.

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EnGrip makes it super easy to capture your online learning for your professional growth!

EnGrip aims to build a new resume that talks about the knowledge of people beyond their formal education by empowering self-learners with a shareable and intuitive knowledge profile.

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