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6 alternative and related products to Knowvid

It's a breeze to learn from online videos

Knowvid helps you learn from online videos by providing you a proper environment to learn. Search for videos which come through an education filter. Organize learning by grouping videos together into playlists which is shareable to contacts. Add personal notes to each videos to note down your insights. Access your content across multiple devices.

6 Alternatives to Knowvid

Share noteworthy moments from YouTube videos.

vdNote is a really cool way to watch and share noteworthy moments in YouTube videos. Paste a link of a video and start watching. Start typing a note at any moment and the video stops while you write. It then timestamps your note to that point in the video so others can see the context. It's even easy to share a note to @twitter!

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Hacker Noon
Hello everyone, I'm Moses and this is my first blog post. I wrote this post to give you my perspective on programming and to share a little bit about myself. When my dad was growing up, he played chess all throughout grade school and even took second in the state of Oregon when he was in 6th grade.
16 Alternatives to vdNote

Dnote Browser Extension is a tool to capture your everyday learnings instantly without a distraction. It sends you a weekly digest email to help you actually remember what you learn.

It supports Chrome and Firefox.

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As students of programming we aspire to the higher level of mastery by churning out thousands of lines of code or actively seeking out new paradigms. While immersing ourselves into the sea of knowledge can certainly help us learn programming, in our monomaniacal pursuit for growth we are missing one crucial part that is integral to our growth as programmers.
Dnote Stories - How We Learn and Grow as Engineers
As engineers we live in a culture that celebrates learning. Many of us seem to be in a constant haste to learn more. But just how much are we really learning every day?
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Privately share and discuss videos 📺📹

WeVu is the first free service to share, organize, and discuss YouTube videos in private groups. WeVu started as ‘educational video’ for coaching of hands-on & interpersonal skills like nursing, sports, training, performance, etc.

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WeVu Video
But YouTube is so dominant - and free -- that people are trying to use it for more than it is designed for. It's the obvious choice for sharing video privately because you can leave the video Unlisted, accessible by people who have the link.
WeVu Video
Is EdTech really innovative? We can't assume that technology applied to education automatically leads to educational innovation. In fact, current trends in Educational Technology actually reinforce outdated, ineffective pedagogies that are being debunked by research on learning. The digitization of educational content is important, but there's little that's … See more
8 Alternatives to WeVu

Search, navigate and understand Youtube videos much quicker

FizzStream Youtube Chrome browser plugin, enhances searchability, navigation and comprehension of your Youtube viewing experience

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Bu makalede, YouTube video içeriği için Dizin oluşturmanın basit bir yolu açıklanmaktadır. Bu, FizzD Youtube Video Summarizer ve Indexer adıyla geçen bir Chrome eklentisinin yardımı ile mümkün olmaktadır. Bu uzantı, YouTube videolarındaki aranabilirliği artırır ve gezinmeyi kolaylaştırarak anlaşılmasını kolaylaştırır. Videonun ve indeksin içeriğini ana kavra… See more
I Love Free Software
This article explains a simple way to create Index for YouTube video content. This is made possible with the help of a Chrome extension which goes by the name FizzD Youtube Video Summarizer and Indexer . This extension enhances the searchability in YouTube videos and simplifies the comprehension by making the navigation easy.
6 Alternatives to FizzStream
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