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Business planning software for startups

4 Alternatives to Knowlium

Modern business planning for startups

Bizplan provides a step-by-step business builder to break down major projects into manageable pieces to help you plan your pitch, set goals, and track your progress from a single interface.

दीपक फिआलोक
दीपक फिआलोक- Product Manager at SOTI
Targeted towards startups but fits any stage of company
Alexandra Chudik
Alexandra Chudik- Business Development,
Great tool for iterating on business ideas and getting a plan in place!
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le Cunff- Entrepreneur
Only heard good things about Bizplan!
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2 Alternatives to Bizplan

Enjoy creating business plans on your iPhone or iPad.

📊 With Scratchplan, enjoy creating business plans, quantitative simulations and projections on your iPad or iPhone. It's fast, intuitive and there's nothing you can break.

👨🏻‍💻Scratchplan is my first indie iOS app and I hope you enjoy it! I'm looking forward to a future without office desks - this is my contribution. ☺️

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Up to now, Steve's six Indicators are mere empty shells - it's time to define their behavior and fill them with life. To do so, Steve uses Definitions. In Scratchplan, Definitions are timed formulas that determine how an Indicator behaves over time.
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